Color Club - Halo-graphic bottle (the daily varnish)

Color Club – Halo-graphic

Color Club - Halographic Bottle (the daily varnish)First Friday of Summer, y’all! YAAAAAAAS!

Wednesday, as I was wrapping up my post and making sure the related links were what I wanted, I came to a terrible realization. I had neglected to post my third and current favorite from Color Club’s 2013 Halo Hues. Yesterday was cloudy and dreary, so today I got up a little (too) early to catch some sunshine before the inevitable arrival of scattered/isolated/possibly severe storms. It was so worth it.

Halo-graphic is the PINK beauty of the of the 2013 collection and I’m obsessed. It feels girly and flashy and fun and it makes me happy. I got full coverage in ONE COAT but went ahead and used two just in case the camera decided to whip out its stealth visible nail line detector – it is so good at that. I really like that holographics dry so quickly – I’d recommend a top coat but it’s not necessary and I didn’t use one for my swatches.

Luckily, the Halo Hues are more readily available than Revvvolution. If you’re an Amazoner, you can get some pretty good deals in the $8.00 – $9.00 range. On the Color Club website you can snag polishes from both the older and new Halo Hues collections for $10.00.

I hope your day is as fun as my nail polish. Pictures below!

katie pinksig14

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essie Nama-Stay the Night

essie Resort Collection 2016

essie Resort Collection 2016I do believe spring is here. To stay. At least in Charlotte. There are even a few flowers blooming. Of course that means it’s time for the essie Resort Collection.

Historically the Resort collection is my favorite essie collection of the year. So I went ahead and ordered the mini set so I could try all 4 polishes. And to be honest…I’m a bit disappointed by this collection.

Under the jump is my review of all four polishes. You can pick up the Resort collection at Ulta.


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deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream The Daily Varnish

deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream

deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream The Daily VarnishWe’re having a particularly frigid week here in Charlotte. So it’s the perfect time to dream about spring, right?

For Spring 2016 deborah lippmann has released 4 new shades in the Gel Lab PRO formula. The collection is called Afternoon Delight and the colors are dreamy!

Peaches & Cream is described as a full coverage orange creamsicle cream. However, this pulls a bit more pink, at least on me, to be described as orange creamsicle.

I’m a bit disappointed in the formula. I needed three coats to get an opaque, streak free color. Otherwise it was easy to work with.

It is worth nothing that the brush on the gel lab pro line is a wide brush yet the bottle opening is the same size. This can create a frustrating situation.

While I think the color of this polish is lovely I don’t find the formula to be all that special. And the price point for the gel lab pro polishes, $20, is too high just for a polish not to be special.

Along with swatches I’ll include information about the gel lab pro line under the jump.

Peaches & Cream is currently available at Nordstrom and as well as on Amazon.


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wet n wild 1 Step WonderGel Crime of Passion The Daily Varnish

wet n wild 1 Step WonderGel Crime of Passion

wet n wild 1 Step WonderGel Crime of Passion The Daily VarnishI mentioned in my post on essie Cabana Boy that the beauty section  at my local CVS was going under a bit of an overhaul. Well, one of the things they added was the new 1 Step WonderGel line to the existing wet n wild display.

For the longest time I was a huge fan of wet n wild nail polish. But, as the years pasted, the rest of the nail polish world moved forward and wet n wild was a bit stagnant. So I was very excited about the release of this line.

Thanks to my love of red nail polish (and the fact that it is included in the wet n wild Wild At Heart Valentine’s display…) I went straight for Crime of Passion. The polish is AMAZING. Not only is it a fantastic cherry red creme the formula is outstanding.

Though wet n wild claims this is a 1 step nail polish I did use 2 coats in my swatches. I also used a base coat (Orly Bonder) because….red nail polish.

I want to do a wear test with this polish because wet n wild claims up to 2 weeks of wear. My nails still looked awesome on day 4 and currently I have Crime of Passion on my toes and it is wearing incredibly well.

Under the jump I included some information from wet n wild on the 1 Step WonderGel line as well as swatches of Crime of Passion.


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Super Bowl 50 Nail Art

Super Bowl 50 Nail Art Guide

Super Bowl 50 Nail ArtI don’t know if y’all have heard but the Super Bowl is coming.

The Carolina Panthers and I happen to share a hometown. Charlotte is buzzing with Super Bowl hype. Right down to my local grocery store meat counter.

While I’m not a big NFL fan I do hope the Panthers win. It’d be great for Charlotte. And, of course, the Panthers are led by fellow Auburn alum Cam Newton.

Over the years I have done my fair share of football related nail art. Below are some ideas for Sunday including a manicure for both the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos! There are some additional ideas and links to past Super Bowl posts at the end of the post as well.

Keep Pounding and War Eagle.


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essie Cabana Boy The Daily Varnish

essie Cabana Boy

essie Cabana Boy The Daily VarnishMy local CVS is going through a bit of an overhaul in the beauty department. They are finally going to start carrying NYX (hooray!) but it seems they got rid of Rimmel. Anyhow, it’s still a work in progress.

Remarkably I ran across the essie Retro Revival collection among the mess. There was no display…the polishes were just kind of thrown in with some other essie polishes. I do not know. They did have Starry Starry Night! And, of course, just when I was about to walk away Cabana Boy caught my eye.

I’m always looking for neutrals that aren’t boring. Cabana Boy was originally released in 2005 but over a decade later I still think it’s a fantastic polish.

essie describes Cabana Boy as a Pearly White but it’s so much BETTER than that. Cabana Boy is a soft pearl finish gray with lavender/blue undertones. It’s a very understated polish but I got so many comments on my nails while I was wearing Cabana Boy.

My only complaint is the formula. It’s a tad thin. Which, to be fair, may be by design. I prefer a more opaque look so I used 3 coats.

The Retro Revival collection is currently in stores. You can find the collection online at as well as on Amazon.

There are swatches under the jump!


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Orly Spazmatic The Daily Varnish

OrlyFX Spazmatic

Orly Spazmatic The Daily VarnishThis week has just been blah so far. Between being out of town last week, then the over hyped ice storm and the Panthers games this week is just a huge let down. What solves that problem? GLITTER. Of course.

Spazmatic was originally released in 2012 and is a really fun glitter. I like the mix of the large, blue, hex glitter along with the blue microglitter. I used two coats of Spazmatic over a black creme base (I used Sally Hansen Blacky-O) and really loved the result. Plus, it was the perfect glitter for my Carolina Panthers Manicure.

Because this is an older polish you can get it for a good deal (only $3.50 on Amazon with free shipping!). I can’t wait to try Spazmatic over different polishes!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump.


The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.

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Carolina Panthers Manicure

Nail Art: Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers ManicureThe city of Charlotte has lost its collective mind.

Charlotte isn’t exactly what I would call a good sports town. But the Carolina Panthers are in the NFC Championship and the buzz around town is amazing. The bars are packed every Sunday and there are Panthers flags on houses and cars. Even though I’d hardly call myself a Panthers fan it has been fun. And Cam Newton and I did graduate from the same college so it’s nice to see Auburn getting some love.

The boy and I are going to our usual bar to catch today’s game so I figured I’d best have an appropriate manicure.

This was a super simple manicure to do. I started with a black base (I used Sally Hansen Blacky-O) and topped it with OrlyFX Spazmatic. Then I added some whiskers to just the ring finger with OPI Centennial Celebration.

I like the glitter in this manicure. It’s something a little different.

Under the jump you will find another swatch. And I’ve done several other Panthers manicures in the past. I will link to those under the jump as well.


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Revlon Sultry The Daily Varnish

Revlon Sultry

MRevlon Sultry The Daily Varnishy local CVS had Valentine’s Day stuff out before Christmas (seriously) but now that it’s the middle of January I’m ready to face the fact that Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

I’ve always really liked Valentine’s Day. So, of course, I’ve already made plans. The boy and I are going the Charlotte Symphony for their (now) annual A Symphonic Valentine show. But, what I really get excited about for Valentine’s Day is all the fun makeup displays!

I was on the hunt for new lipstick and found myself in the Revlon section of CVS. Revlon always has the best Valentine’s Day displays. The 2016 Fall In Love display is no exception. It seemed like most of the things on the display were from the permanent line (the lipstick I picked up, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Softsilver Rose has been around a good while). But, you see, here’s the thing. Revlon was buy one get one half off and Sultry just looked so pretty in the bottle so…

Sultry is a bit of a chameleon. When I picked it up in the store I thought I was buying a blue nail polish. When I got it home it looked purple! Depending on the light Sultry is a purple/blue polish with flaky small pink glitter.

The formula is a bit thin as is the nature of polishes with this finish. I used 3 coats in my swatches.

I’m not sure how this polish has flown under my radar for so long. I love it! In fact, I can’t seem to stop wearing it. And y’all…Sultry is the sun is all kinds of crazy sparkling goodness.

The good news is that since Sultry is part of Revlon’s permanent line it is super easy to find. You can even pick it up online at or on Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump. I included a MACRO shot so you can see the shimmer as well as a photo I took in the sun!


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Orly Galaxy FX Milky Way The Daily Varnish

Orly Galaxy FX Milky Way

Orly Galaxy FX Milky Way The Daily VarnishThere are 2 things that immediately come to mind when I see ‘Milky Way’. One, is of course, the candy bar. The other is Drops of Jupiter by Train. Seriously…I had that song stuck in my head the entire time I was wearing this polish!

Anyhow. Perhaps I should starting thinking about this nail polish Milky Way because y’all. It is amazing.

Though originally released for Spring of 2014 I have to say I feel like Milky Way has a bit of a winter/frosty vibe.

Milky way is a super pale blue almost white jelly base with medium sized bronze and silver holographic glitter. In the right lighting there is also some blue microglitter going on. A pretty complex polish, to say the least.

The formula is good. I used three coats in my swatches and the depth 3 coats creates really makes this polish. The finish can be a bit bumpy due to all the glitter but a thick top coat fixes that right up.

You can still find Milky Way on Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.

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