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Nail Art: Floating Neon Polka Dots

Floating Neon Polka Dot Nail ArtOh hey. It’s Alli. Back with another manicure that involves polka dots!

I’ve always had a thing for polka dots but ever since I ordered a new set of dotting tools from Amazon I’ve been going a bit polka dot crazy.

For this manicure I really wanted the polka dots to look like they were just floating on the nail. I used a sheer nude for a base (essie Mademoiselle) and because I wanted the neon polka dots to be really bright I added a layer of polka dots with white polish (I used essie Private Weekend) before adding the neon colors.

Because I wanted the polka dots to look like they were floating I only added polka dots towards the tips of my nails. I also concentrated the large polka dots toward the tips.

Once I got the white polka dots down I used 4 different bright polishes to add color; China Glaze Towel Boy Toy, Orly Saturated, China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts and Orly Key Lime Twist.

I let this manicure dry a good half hour before adding a top coat (Revlon Quick Dry) to avoid smearing the polka dots.

Interestingly after doing just the white polka dots I really liked this manicure and considered skipping adding color to the manicure at all but I do like the way this turned out. It’s fun for summer. Plus, it wore SO well since tip wear and small chips are essentially undetectable.

There are a slew of swatches under the jump.

I did include a picture of this manicure with just white polka dots under the jump. I still might prefer that version but I can’t decide! I think the white polka dot manicure would be lovely for a wedding. Anyhow, let me know which version you like best!


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Nail Art: Gray Polka Dot Manicure

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Nailspiration: Flash Tattoos

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Nailspiration: Marc Jacobs Nail Art

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Nail Art: DIY Gravel Manicure

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St. Patrick’s Day Manicure 2015

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