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Nail Art: deborah lippmann Polka Dot Manicure

deborah lippmann Polka Dot Nail Art The Daily VarnishI’ve been in bit of a nail polish rut. All I seem to want to wear is essie Color Binge and OPI Over & Over A-Gwen. And while both of those polishes are GORGEOUS it makes life a little bit boring.

My inspiration for this manicure actually started on Pinterest. Someone pinned my swatch of deborah lippmann Lullaby of Broadway and I was reminded what an absolutely gorgeous polish it is! I didn’t want to go full blown metallic so I used deborah lippmann Psuedo Silk Kimono as a base for some purposefully placed metallic polka dots.

I love the combination of the metallic polka dots and the semi matte finish of the base.

Lullaby of Broadway is pretty easy to dupe/find a substitute but Pseudo Silk Kimono is unique. I did find it still for sale online on Amazon though it’s a bit on the expensive side. SinfulColors Whiteboard would give a similar look at a much lower price point!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


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Nail Art: Mint and Nude Ombre

Ombre Nail Art The Daily Varnish I’m bringing ombre back with this manicure. For awhile ombre nails were all the rage. Well, really, ombre EVERYTHING was all the rage. But, as trends do, ombre fell out of fashion. But…..I was contemplating what to do with my nails the other day and I thought Nails Inc Bamboo White and OPI Gelato On […] Continue reading →

#CLTPride Manicure 2015

Pride Manicure 2015 Last weekend was Charlotte Pride and it was fabulous. This was the first Pride weekend in Charlotte since gay marriage became legal in North Carolina (Y’all Means All!) and people were ready to celebrate! Estelle performed, as did The Prancing Elites (those girls can move!). Obviously I couldn’t go to Pride without some kind of […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Pineapple Manicure

Pineapple Nail Art The Daily Varnish Every Wednesday I go to a local farmer’s market. There’s nothing fancy about the market but it’s one of my favorite weekly chores. Being that it’s July my farmer’s market trips almost always include a pineapple. And therefore it’s only logical that I rock some pineapples on my nails. This manicure was really easy to […] Continue reading →

Review: Amazon 5 Piece Dotting Tool Set

Amazon 5 Piece Dotting Tool Set Review Back in April I ordered this 5 piece dotting tool set from Amazon for $1.79 (with free shipping!). The reviews on Amazon were overwhelmingly positive and I figured for less than $2 I’d take a change on these dotting tools. I’ve done so many manicure with these dotting tools over the last several months and I […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: deborah lippmann Autumn Polka Dots

deborah lippmann fall polka dot nail art Ok, look, I know. It is (literally) a hundred degrees outside right now. And yes, I’m talking about an autumn appropriate manicure. But the deborah lippmann fall 2015 ROAR collection has got me dreaming of boots and sweaters and college football and dark nail polish and it’s just not good. But anyhow. I do really […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Scattered Polka Dot Manicure

Scattered Polka Dot Nail Art I love this manicure SO MUCH! essie Chillato was the definite stand out to me from the essie Peach Side Babe collection. That being said I wanted to wear Chillato but I also wanted to use my (not so new anymore…) dotting tools. essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low is the perfect complement to Chillato. The […] Continue reading →