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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Game of Chromes

Sally Hansen - Game of Chromes Bottle (The Daily Varnish)My friends! Surprise! I’m back & for very good reason. Tonight is the premiere of Game of Thrones Season Six. Tell me you’re as excited as I am? Today, I’ve been totally nerding out – I’ve listened to Game of Thrones podcasts, I’m currently rewatching the season 5 finale, and I’m feeling major regret for not having met my goal of finishing A Storm of Swords by the beginning of this season. That’s okay though, because I’m so excited to be editing photos and posting again. More on that later 🙂

Sally Hansen was kind enough to send us some polishes for review months ago, and I told Alli I absolutely had to have this one. She’s not into Game of Thrones, so it was an easy battle to win.

Game of Chromes combines everything I love in golden metallic polishes. It has a foil-y look that reminds me of ORLY Rage. The color is a really classy champagne gold. It’s super easy to apply, I used 2 quick coats + top coat and I was out the door with gorgeous nails.

I love that this polish is multi-season appropriate and it is totally going to get a ton of wear time this spring and summer (and fall).  A lot of times, even when I love a polish, I wear it, review it, and forget about it – it’s terrible – but I’ve already worn this one 3-4 times on my fingers and toes and I just adore it.

If you’re in the market for this pretty polish you can grab it at Target for 7.59, Ulta for 9.99 (currently BOGO 50% off), it’s also available at your usual drugstore haunts. In the drugstore realm, I pretty much exclusively choose Walgreens – the two I go to have the BEST beauty advisers, I love them. Pro tip: make friends with your local Walgreens beauty adviser, seriously.

I can’t end this post without saying how much I’ve missed you guys. I appreciate the comments asking about us and I can assure you that we are both thriving – sometimes life gets busy. With my school year coming to an end, I can’t promise that I’ll post regularly, but come summer break (aka teacher rehab), I’ll be back at it in full force. If you’re ever in need for a Katie & Alli fix we are all over social media.

I also have been thinking about doing a post on things I’m loving this month. Would you guys like that? Let me know!


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