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Perfect Pair: essie Pret-A-Surfer and essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low

Perfect Pair essie Pret-A-Surfer and essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle LowI like to call this kind of manicure the lazy girl’s way to fix a chipping mani.

The inspiration for this manicure came from a picture in a recent Mark catalog. I was already wearing essie Pret-A-Surfer and really love the color. Unfortunately some fairly aggressive gardening didn’t do my manicure any good and I had a few relatively minor chips. I was (of course) running late and didn’t want to leave the house with a chipped manicure so I used the manicure from the Mark magolog as inspiration to refresh my manicure.

Using essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low I dragged the brush across the tip of the manicure to make kind of triangle then I filled the rest in. I only needed one coat and because Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low is a metallic finish polish it dried super fast. I was out the door before I knew it!

I really liked the way this manicure turned out and of course the color combinations are endless!

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump.


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essie Salt Water Happy

essie Salt Water Happy The Daily Varnish I believe this is the last polish from essie’s summer 2015 Peach Side Babe collection I have to review. That means there was only one disappoint from the 6 piece collection; Private Weekend. Because Salt Water Happy is perfection. essie describes Salt Water Happy as a sugar-sweet Atlantic blue. Well, I don’t know if y’all […] Continue reading →

essie Private Weekend

essie Private Weekend The Daily Varnish Y’all. I am so sad about this polish. SO SAD! I thought I was going to love Private Weekend. The description essie came up with is so lovely: pristine and pretty. sparkling and crisp. infused with subtle shimmer, this radiant white is a lovely luxe getaway from the everyday. Sounds gorgeous. Makes all my nail […] Continue reading →

essie Pret-A-Surfer

essie Pret-A-Surfer The Daily Varnish Ok, y’all, I freaking LOVE this polish! Pret-A-Surfer is from the essie 2015 Peach Side Babe collection. It took a backseat to Sunset Sneaks and Chillato because those two polishes are right up my alley. So this one is a bit of a surprise favorite. essie describes Pret-A-Surfer as a marine blue but depending on […] Continue reading →

essie Chillato

essie Chillato The Daily Varnish A few days ago I was buying a fancy new hose nozzle at Lowe’s when the cashier could not stop talking about my nail color. While I love talking nail polish with just about anyone it at least confirmed that my obsession with Chillato isn’t totally crazy. Chillato is from the essie summer 2015 Peach […] Continue reading →

essie Sunset Sneaks

essie Sunset Sneaks The Daily Varnish When I first saw the polish lineup for essie’s Summer 2015 Peach Side Babe collection I just knew I’d LOVE Sunset Sneaks. I’m really into summer reds; they’re classic and chic. Sunset Sneaks is a soft pink leaning red creme. This polish walks the line of being coral but doesn’t quite get there. And while […] Continue reading →

essie Mademoiselle

essie Mademoiselle The Daily Varnish Oh this polish. Recently essie released their 2015 bridal collection (including a freaking adorable mini set). But in the spirit of something old and something new they also came out with an essie classics bridal collection. The classics collection includes 6 of essie’s most iconic sheer shades that are among the most popular bridal looks. […] Continue reading →