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essie Cabana Boy

essie Cabana Boy The Daily VarnishMy local CVS is going through a bit of an overhaul in the beauty department. They are finally going to start carrying NYX (hooray!) but it seems they got rid of Rimmel. Anyhow, it’s still a work in progress.

Remarkably I ran across the essie Retro Revival collection among the mess. There was no display…the polishes were just kind of thrown in with some other essie polishes. I do not know. They did have Starry Starry Night! And, of course, just when I was about to walk away Cabana Boy caught my eye.

I’m always looking for neutrals that aren’t boring. Cabana Boy was originally released in 2005 but over a decade later I still think it’s a fantastic polish.

essie describes Cabana Boy as a Pearly White but it’s so much BETTER than that. Cabana Boy is a soft pearl finish gray with lavender/blue undertones. It’s a very understated polish but I got so many comments on my nails while I was wearing Cabana Boy.

My only complaint is the formula. It’s a tad thin. Which, to be fair, may be by design. I prefer a more opaque look so I used 3 coats.

The Retro Revival collection is currently in stores. You can find the collection online at as well as on Amazon.

There are swatches under the jump!


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New Year’s Eve Manicure 2015

New Year's Manicure Happy New Year’s Eve! This year I’m having a rather low key New Year’s. Tonight (or rather, this afternoon…) the boy and I are heading to our normal bar to watch the first of the College Football Playoff games. We plan to come back home for the second game and ring in the New Year […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Festive Fringe

Festive Fringe Nail Art Every now and then we can all use a little nailspiration, am I right? I was in a bit of a rut when I was browsing Pinterest and essie posted this lovely manicure they called ‘festive fringe’. I’m always looking for new ways to use glitter top coats and since I had both of the […] Continue reading →

essie Frilling Me Softly

essie Frilling Me Softly The Daily Varnish Katie thinks I’m psychic. Or I cheated. Let me explain… In my Fall 2015 Must Have Polishes post I included bar glitter as a trend. At the time I had no idea essie would be coming out with a holiday luxeffects collection full of bar glitter. I did, however, see a fringe trend in fashion. […] Continue reading →

Essie – Peak Show

Essie - Peak Show I like to think I’m pretty good with figuring out quirky polish names, but lately not so much. Example: With the Band – I thought it was so nice they had a polish dedicated to hanging out with the marching band, until I remembered the collection name and realized it was more of a fan […] Continue reading →

Essie – With the Band

Essie - With The Band By now, you know I can’t resist a good fall red. Every girl needs one in their collection, I just happen to need… all of them. This season my Fall red of choice is With the Band from Essie’s Leggy Legend collection. As always, I’m entertained by essie’s description: backstage. in the club. in the studio. toasted spice […] Continue reading →