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Nail Art: Essie Flowerista Spring Manicure

Essie Flowerista Nail Art The Daily VarnishI’ve been getting back into nail art recently. I did a manicure inspired by a scarf from Handpicked. I also did a manicure inspired by some Marc Jacobs nail art. This manicure wasn’t inspired by a thing but a season; spring.

To say the least I have a definite case of spring fever. Baseball is back. It’s strawberry season. And while Charlotte is beautiful this time of year the pollen is also EVERYWHERE.

Julep Dawn reminds me a bit of pollen; it has just a smidgen of green in it. So I figured it’d be the perfect base for a spring inspired manicure.

To create the flowers I used essie Flowerista and a medium dotting tool. I overlapped 4 dots in a sort of circular shape. I let that dry then used essie Urban Jungle and the same dotting tool to add the dot in the middle of the flower. I also added some polka dots on the rest of the nail to fill some of the empty space.

I really love the way this manicure turned out. It has sort of vintage feel to it which I like. I do prefer this manicure matte (I used Pure Ice Frost Finish Matte Top Coat). But, just a general tip. If you want to use a matte top coat over nail art first use a regular top coat. Matte top coats will cause your nail art to smear (I learned the hard way).

Under the jump I included swatches of this manicure with a shiny and matte finish. While I like both I do prefer the matte look. But let me know which you like better!

If you don’t have dotting tools you can pick them up from Amazon or you can make your own. Also, if you don’t have a matte top coat you can DIY that as well.


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Nailspiration: Marc Jacobs Nail Art

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essie Vices Versa

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Essie – Perennial Chic

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essie No Chips Ahead

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essie – Picked Perfect

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essie Petal Pushers

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St. Patrick’s Day Manicure 2015

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essie Aruba Blue

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