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Essie Fashion Playground

Essie Fashion Playground coverWhile I adore Style Hunter, this polish is the standout from Essie’s Spring 2014 Hide & Go Chic collection.

Essie describes Fashion Playground as a pistachio shimmer. While this polish does have shimmer it’s super subtle. It just keeps the polish from being completely flat.

The color is great. There’s no warm or yellow undertones making it perfect for cool skintones. Unfortunately, the formula makes me want to punch things. It’s very typical old Essie; thin and runny. I used four, yes FOUR, coats in my swatches.

Despite the formula issues I do love this polish. It’s the perfect polish for spring!

The Hide & Go Chic collection is available at as well as on Amazon.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


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Essie Style Hunter

Essie Style Hunter cover While I don’t subscribe to the theory “when in doubt wear red” when it comes to clothes I definitely follow that advice when it comes to nail polish! I just love red nails polish. It’s classic. It’s chic. It’s a total no brainer. So I was happy to see that Essie included a red polish […] Continue reading →

Essie Truth or Flare

Essie Truth or Flare cover While I am ready for spring Mother Nature doesn’t seem very interested in leaving winter behind. At least here in Charlotte. But that isn’t stopping me from using polishes from spring polish collections! For spring 2014 Essie released a 6 polish collection “dedicated to women everywhere who aren’t afraid to play – in life and […] Continue reading →

Essie Resort Fling

Essie Resort Fling cover It’s taken me awhile but I finally got around to trying the last of the 4 polishes from Essie’s 2014 Resort collection. I dragged my feet on this one simply because the weather here in Charlotte hasn’t been very spring-like. And while I’m not one for color rules, per se, I still don’t like wearing […] Continue reading →

Essie Fishnet Stockings

Essie Fishnet Stockings cover I’ve been really into red polish lately. Mostly I’ve been wearing OPI Over & Over A-Gwen but I finally decided to give another red polish a little love; Essie Fishnet Stockings. Fishnet Stockings is an old favorite. It actually came in an Essie set I found at Ross. The set also included Berry Hard and […] Continue reading →

Essie – Cocktails & Coconuts

Essie - Cocktails & Coconuts Every year, right about this time – I end up in a bit of a funk. The weather is cold and grey and I’m ready to be spending lots of time outdoors in the sunshine. Well, I can’t control the weather but I can spice up my nails a bit and Essie’s Resort Collections always […] Continue reading →