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Nail Art: Mix & Match Polka Dot Manicure

Mix & Match Polka Dot Nail ArtA few nights ago I was flipping through an Avon catalog and ran across a little nailspiration. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a polka dot manicure and who doesn’t love mixing navy and white? And I mean…I love polka dots!

Of course, I wanted to put my own twist on things. I decided to use a shimmery dark blue for my base color instead of a plain navy. I used 2 coats of essie Bell-Bottom Blues. Then I let that dry slightly before adding white polka dots with essie Private Weekend.

I used the smallest dotting tool from my dotting tool set and made the polka dot pattern a bit different on each nail. This added variety plus it takes away the pressure of making every nail look the same. And for me, that’s by far the hardest part of nail art.

Polka dots just make me happy and this manicure is no exception. I’m definitely going to be rocking this manicure until it chips. And probably taking photos of my nails in my car. Because that’s normal.

There are a couple additional swatches under the jump!


PS: If you don’t have dotting tools you can easily make one. Check out my DIY Dotting Tool post. However, dotting tools are inexpensive. The ones I use can be found here on Amazon. They are $1.50 and ship free!

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Essie – Peak Show

I like to think I’m pretty good with figuring out quirky polish names, but lately not so much. Example: With the Band – I thought it was so nice they had a polish dedicated to hanging out with the marching band, until I remembered the collection name and realized it was more of a fan […] Continue reading →

Essie – With the Band

Essie - With The Band By now, you know I can’t resist a good fall red. Every girl needs one in their collection, I just happen to need… all of them. This season my Fall red of choice is With the Band from Essie’s Leggy Legend collection. As always, I’m entertained by essie’s description: backstage. in the club. in the studio. toasted spice […] Continue reading →

essie Haute Tub

essie Haute Tub The Daily Varnish This is the polish I was most excited about from the Winter 2015 essie Virgin Snow collection. It looked stunning in the bottle. And on the nail it is dark and sparkly…just how I like it! I love essie’s description of this polish: turn up the fashion heat and take the plunge in indulgent jet […] Continue reading →

essie Virgin Snow

essie Virgin Snow The Daily Varnish This is the namesake polish for essie’s winter 2015 collection. And, to be honest, I wasn’t overly excited about Virgin Snow at first. It doesn’t really stand out among the other polishes in the collection. But, I must admit, I’ve been won over by Virgin Snow’s subtle beauty. Virgin Snow is a very light periwinkle […] Continue reading →

essie Altitude Attitude

essie Altitude Attitude winter 2015 I go through nail polish phases and lately I’ve been all about red nails (as if that wasn’t obvious from TDV Instagram feed!). There’s something so easy and chic about red nails. I guess that’s why red polish is a classic! Altitude Attitude is from essie’s winter 2015/2016 Virgin Snow collection and is described as a […] Continue reading →