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DIY: How to fix and restore dry or thick nail polish

Restore Nail PolishBest I can figure I haven’t used OPI Black Shatter since February of 2011. I used it over Orly Ancient Jade. Why? I have no idea. Looking at it now I can’t even imagine why I thought that was a good look…

Anyway, I pulled it out of my Melmer earlier today to use it only to discover it was a dried out, thick disaster. It was in a completely unusable state.

Believe it or not, until now I’ve never had this problem. I’m pretty good about keeping my nail polish in good condition. I store it properly and have never really had a problem with polish drying out. I wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed.

After doing a little research, some patience and a lot of shaking I’ve managed to get my OPI Black Shatter back in working condition.

Below the jump is exactly how I restored my dried out nail polish and some tips on avoiding having polish dry out in the first place! (And a couple of things not to do…)


Just a note regarding old nail polish: It doesn’t expire. Really. Many companies put expiration dates on nail polish because they are required to. I’ve heard all kinds of time lengths nail polish is “good” for. None of this is true. So don’t throw away nail polish you like. If it has separated or dried out it can be fixed!

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DIY: Matte Top Coat

I really wish I had known about this little trick YEARS ago. By now I’ve collected several matte top coats. They’re all about the same (and were all on the expensive side). NYC is the only brand I know of that sells an inexpensive matte top coat (less than $2). So if you’re looking for […] Continue reading →

DIY Studded Manicure

If you follow TDV on Facebook or Twitter then you are well aware that over the past couple of weeks I have become completely obsessed with studded manicures. Ever since I saw Kate Spade use studded nails in their Fall 2013 runway show I’ve been dying to give it a try. Plus, I wear alot […] Continue reading →

DIY: Nail Polish Removal

Ok, so I realize these seems like kind of an odd post to do. But I so often get questions about nail care and what polish remover I use and how I keep my cuticles looking good, etc and nail polish removal fits right into that. I used to be a dump some polish remover […] Continue reading →

DIY Nail Polish Strips

It’s pretty obvious we are big fans of nail polish strips/appliques/etc around here. Sally Hansen Salon Effects are my favorite, but I also quite like the OPI appliques as well as others. The ones I like the best do have one thing in common; they are always made from real nail polish and are not […] Continue reading →

DIY Gold Flake Top Coat

Thanks to OPI Man With the Golden Gun gold flake top coats are suddenly all the rage. Granted, OPI isn’t the only brand with a gold flake top coat. Sephora by OPI and Zoya have both released their own versions. And while each company’s top coat is slightly different they are all fairly expensive. OPI’s version is $30 and […] Continue reading →