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Cult Nails Scandalous

I’m just going to say I have seriously mixed feelings about this nail polish. Katie sent Scandalous to me in her surprise May nail mail package. I was so excited to give it a try because I have definitely embraced the orange and coral nail, fashion and makeup trend for this season. I just can’t get enough of it!

Scandalous is a more subtle version of this season’s coral trend. It’s more like an orange sherbet creme jelly, if you will. I have no complaints about the color. It is lovely and different from the rest of my collection.

Now for the things I didn’t like; the formula. It is very thin, even for a jelly. I had no choice but to use 4 coats to get anything close to an opaque color. The worst thing about the formula though was the smell. It smelled SO STRONG it actually made my eyes water. This is the only Cult Nails polish I own, so I asked Katie if she had a similar experience with Toxic Seaweed. She said she didn’t remember there being a strong smell. So hopefully the terribly strong smell is just an anomaly.

My other complaint is the bottle. It looks nice but I loathe wide caps. It just makes it difficult to apply the polish.

Overall I am a bit disappointed in my first Cult Nails experience. For $10 a bottle I expect alot. That being said, I do love the color. I topped Scandalous with Julep Sarah after wearing it for a couple of days and love the result. Check out the swatches below the jump!

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Cult Nails – Toxic Seaweed

A few weeks ago, I was having a great time on Twitter talking to some other polish bloggers when the subject of Cult Nails came up. I said I’d never tried Cult Nails but I’d been following Maria (of Cult Nails) adventures on R3Daily since before she received her first batch of My Kind of […] Continue reading →