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Color Club Prickly Pear

Color Club Prickly Pear The Daily VarnishOk. So I just want to say that I really did think I was going to love this nail polish.

My love of chartreuse nail polish is well documented on this blog. Every spring when the pollen is EVERYWHERE I get the chartreuse nail polish itch. Plus, I pretty much lived in OPI Life Gave Me Lemons and China Glaze Be More Pacific last summer.

So, when I saw Color Club had a chartreuse polish in their new Desert Valley collection I had to order it immediately.

In the bottle Prickly Pear looks like a lovely creamy chartreuse. Unfortunately this polish just doesn’t look good on the nail. The formula is a jelly and it’s super thin so I needed 4 coats. I will give this polish credit as the finish and shine is absolutely gorgeous.

Last weekend was one of my best friend’s 30th birthday. We went all out and had a fantastic weekend. I was wearing Prickly Pear on Thursday night when I had dinner with her family and a few friends and everyone was so confused by my nails.

That being said, I asked y’all on Instagram if you thought this polish was ugly pretty or just straight up ugly and quite a few of you liked Prickly Pear! So maybe it’s just me.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump and let me know if you think this polish is ugly pretty or just ugly.

If you’re in the ugly pretty category you can pick up Prickly Pear from Amazon.


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Color Club Frozen Daiquiri

Color Club Frozen Daiquiri COVER You know what I could use right now? A frozen daiquiri. Ok, probably not because it’s freezing outside and well before noon. But hey, technicalities. I do, however, like a good frozen daiquiri once in a while. Especially at the beach. Mmm, the beach. Anyway. Frozen Daiquiri is from Color Club’s Ticket to Paradise collection. […] Continue reading →

Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi

Color Club Je Ne Sais Quoi cover Ok, let me just say, I ordered this polish assuming I would hate it. But I found the color to be so fascinating I just had to try it. Entirely irrational but so is my entire obsession with nail polish so I think we can let this slide. Maybe? Anyway. Je Ne Sais Quoi is […] Continue reading →

Color Club Holy Chic!

Color Club Holy Chic! cover Oh hey, Color Club! It’s been awhile. And by awhile I mean since I wore Gift of Sparkle back in February…of 2013. Color Club for the most part just isn’t on my radar. It’s not readily available in my area and none of the collections excited me all that much. Until now! For fall 2014 […] Continue reading →

Color Club – Cherubic

Color Club - Cherubic Collage Okay! I did it…. remember last week when I said I might order another Color Club holo? Well… here she is: Cherubic. Cherubic is from the 2012 Halo Hues release. The 2012 polishes are a little softer and lighter than their bolder 2013 cousins. I am head over heels for holo polish lately. I spend […] Continue reading →

Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Sometimes I think nail polish companies enjoy confusing the consumer! Color Club released it’s winter 2013 Winter Affair collection with 2 polishes exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply. Ok, that’s fine. Except the Sally exclusive polishes have the same names as polishes in the original collection. Oh, and to make things even MORE confusing. The Sally […] Continue reading →

Color Club Who Are You Wearing?

Color Club Who Are You Wearing 4 Sigh. Every time I try a different polish from Color Club’s Spring 2010 Rebel Dubutante collection I become just a little bit more disappointed in the collection as a whole. Unfortunately I found myself, yet again, having to fight a traffic ticket. I have a speeding problem. Anyway, if I learned anything in law school […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Football Tips

Are you ready for some football!? I’m sorry…I couldn’t help it! Both the college and pro football seasons are right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the occasion it only seemed right to do a little nail art. To create this manicure I did the same DIY Velvet Manicure as I […] Continue reading →

Color Club Tangerine Scream

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial fashion rock then you are well aware that the Pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango. Tangerine is literally EVERYWHERE. It was my number 1 must have polish color for Summer 2012 and it’s still going strong! Tangerine Scream is from Color Club’s Summer 2009 Electro Candy collection, […] Continue reading →