Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

Lately I’ve tried a lot of top coat duds. Today I am happy to share with you a top coat I am absolutely loving! I decided to try this after several of you mentioned in the comments that this was a favorite. Revlon Quick Dry is my kind of top coat. It’s a thinner formula […] Continue reading →

essie Pret-A-Surfer

Ok, y’all, I freaking LOVE this polish! Pret-A-Surfer is from the essie 2015 Peach Side Babe collection. It took a backseat to Sunset Sneaks and Chillato because those two polishes are right up my alley. So this one is a bit of a surprise favorite. essie describes Pret-A-Surfer as a marine blue but depending on […] Continue reading →

Wet n Wild – Nuclear War

If you follow me on instagram, you know my I have about 3 interests lately: Ryan Adams, my new (& constantly evolving) balcony garden, and my ankle. Which two of these things are related!? Obviously the ankle and the garden… though, it’d make a much more interesting story if Ryan Adams was involved with either my […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Gray Polka Dot Manicure

It’s no secret I’m totally swooning over Orly Key Lime Twist. Because of that Key Lime Twist has spent a lot of time on my nails. But, I got a new set of dotting tools and I was itching to give them a go. And that’s how this manicure happened. Because Key Lime Twist is […] Continue reading →

essie Chillato

A few days ago I was buying a fancy new hose nozzle at Lowe’s when the cashier could not stop talking about my nail color. While I love talking nail polish with just about anyone it at least confirmed that my obsession with Chillato isn’t totally crazy. Chillato is from the essie summer 2015 Peach […] Continue reading →

Pixi Sweet Strawberry

Strawberry season is the best season. And strawberry red is the perfect summer red. So I was excited to see this new polish from Pixi for summer 2015. Sweet Strawberry is the perfect summer strawberry red creme with a super shiny finish. The formula is amazing; I used two, easy coats in my swatches. I’ve […] Continue reading →

Nailspiration: Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos. The trend now that the weather is getting warmer that I can’t seem to get away from! While I like the idea of flash tattoos they’re not exactly practical for everyday life. So I decided to take the idea of flash tattoos and turn it into a manicure. Most of the flash tattoo […] Continue reading →

essie Sunset Sneaks

When I first saw the polish lineup for essie’s Summer 2015 Peach Side Babe collection I just knew I’d LOVE Sunset Sneaks. I’m really into summer reds; they’re classic and chic. Sunset Sneaks is a soft pink leaning red creme. This polish walks the line of being coral but doesn’t quite get there. And while […] Continue reading →

OPI – La Boheme

OHMYGOSH. La Boheme.  This has been on my wishlist for years. YEARS. I just am not willing to pay 30+ dollars for it on eBay. Back in the Fall, I was chatting with one of my favorite coworkers and she was reminiscing about all the fabulous nail polish she had that was dried up and […] Continue reading →