Essence colour & go Pool Party

Another impressive polish from Essence. I picked up Pool Party at Ulta the same day I picked up Underwater. It screamed Carolina blue in the bottle (with a little glitter thrown in) so I had to have it. Pool Party is a bright sky blue with silver microglitter. I like this color, but the glitter […] Continue reading →

Orly – Snowcone

So… I think I found the perfect Tarheel nail polish. However, I’m a Duke (Go Blue Devils!) fan so I promptly took it off – I think it’s against the rules to wear Carolina blue on your nails the week of the ACC tournament. But I wanted to see how close it was to Alli’s […] Continue reading →

Essence colour & go Underwater

I am so impressed with this nail polish! I was excited when I spotted an Essence display at one of the Ulta’s near me. To my delight each nail polish was only $.99 so I picked up 5 bottles; Underwater, Pool Party, Break Through, Plum Perfect and Go Wild. All are shades of purple and […] Continue reading →

Orly Prisma Gloss Gold

Orly Prisma Gloss Gold bottle I picked this up in an “Enchanted Duo” pack along with Enchanted Forest for $1.99 on clearance at Sally’s. If not for it being in a pack with Enchanted Forest I don’t think I would have looked twice at this topcoat. But for $1.99 I couldn’t say no. Orly Prisma Gloss Gold is very sparse […] Continue reading →

China Glaze – Good Witch?

China Glaze – Good Witch? Where do I begin… I drooled over this color before the Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection came out. I love pinks. I love glitter. Therefore, I love glittery pinks. I looked went to Ulta on a more than normal basis to look for this collection and it was never there. […] Continue reading →


After my extremely wordy Claire’s Mood Nail Polish post yesterday, I’m going to try to keep this short 🙂 OPI Ink SUEDE is from OPI’s Fall 2009 Suede collection. I love this color, it is so pretty (and absolutely nothing like the original OPI Ink). Sometimes Ink SUEDE appears to be purple, others it appears […] Continue reading →

Claire’s Mood Nail Polish calm/wild

I can’t say I ever thought I would buy nail polish at Claire’s, but I just couldn’t resist mood nail polish. When I was a kid I absolutely LOVED mood jewelry. It didn’t matter what kind of jewelry it was; rings, necklaces, bracelets. I loved them all. I must say, the Claire’s shopping experience had […] Continue reading →

Orly Rage

Orly Rage is from the Spring 2010 Orly Foil FX collection. This collection only contained three colors, and Rage is the only one I purchased. I had seen it several times at Ulta and Sally’s but kept passing. I am so glad I finally decided to pick it up! Orly Rage is just….really pretty. It […] Continue reading →

Sinful Colors – Green Ocean

I am in love. Sinful Colors Green Ocean is an amazing blue-green glitter in a clear base with beautiful flakes. I love it! I saw it at Walgreen’s in a cute little St. Patrick’s Day display along with Irish Green. I got that too and both were the usual SC price of 1.99. I’m loving […] Continue reading →

OPI Just Groovy

If you live anywhere near the State of North Carolina or are even a casual college basketball fan you are aware that Carolina plays Duke today. Yes, it’s been a long hard season for us Carolina fans. But I still have hope! Due to this, I am of course sporting a Carolina Blue manicure. My […] Continue reading →