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Zoya- Bar

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust BarHappy Labor Day! I was wandering around Ulta Saturday (shocking), looking for a back to school treat for myself and I kept looking at Zoya’s Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust display.  I went back and forth between Bar and Ginni. Bar appealed to my love of the beach – it instantly reminded me of impossibly sparkly sand. I figured, what better way to send off summer in style than with a beautiful & sparkly summer polish?

I’ve tried and loved Zoya’s PixieDust polishes; NYX is THE polish that completely changed my attitude about textured polish. Bar is my first Magical PixieDust – it’s a warm nude polish with a sprinkling of holographic dust and large glitter. The effect is breathtaking.

A glittery nude topaz
A glittery nude topaz

Application was  typical for a textured polish.: It’s best to build up your look using several thin coats. I used 3 coats for Bar and I’m really happy with the finished look. It dried to a matte finish quite quickly. I really love contrast of the matte texture with the pops of holographic glitter. Bar is the most textured polish I’ve come across. If you’re on the fence already about textured polishes, this may not be the line for you. Lucky for me, I don’t mind at all!

Zoya’s Magical PixieDust polishes retail for $10. You can also pick up the Summer Trio for $30 over on

Make sure to take a peak below & enjoy your Labor Day!

Katie Signature Purple

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Zoya PixieDust Vega

Zoya PixieDust Vega cover I’m not even going to lie, I was terrified to try this nail polish! All I could think about was the disaster that was Essie Belugaria. I mean, I still have nightmares that center around that nail polish, I am happy to report that Zoya did not make the same mistakes Essie did. And I […] Continue reading →

Zoya Codie

Zoya Codie Bottle Zoya isn’t a brand I pay much attention too. And that has nothing to do with the quality of Zoya polishes. The ones I have tried I quite like. The brand generally just doesn’t excite me. This polish landed on my doorstep via my fellow TDVer, Katie. She sent it to me along with some […] Continue reading →

ZOYA – Karina

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Zoya – Piaf

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Zoya Pixie Dust – Nyx

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Zoya Mimi

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Zoya Edyta

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Zoya – Jules

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ZOYA – Neeka

It’s no secret that I haven’t been really impressed by most of the Fall 2011 collections – but ZOYA’s Smoke & Mirrors did have a few that caught my eye. The ZOYA website describes Neeka as “a greyed amethyst with subtle red duochrome shimmer and bright gold glitter accents.” I agree completely but the “subtle […] Continue reading →