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Zoya – Aspen

Zoya - Aspen BottleNew Matte Velvets. I am SO EXCITED. The Zoya MatteVelvet polishes are some of my forever favorites. I actually passed on the original 2009 collection, but now I’m only missing Harlow and Loredana. I absolutely love Posh, Dovima, Savita, and Verushka.

When I first put on this polish, I texted Alli and said: I have waited for this polish my ENTIRE life. Maybe that’s a big of an exaggeration – but it was instant love. For years I tried various shimmery white polishes, but they all required so many layers and the whole adventure was just exhausting and frustrating. It’s really my fault for skipping out on China Glaze Frosty.

So here we are, a white matte velvet. It reminds me of the way fresh snow sparkles at night. I like the the matte and satin polishes, but I absolutely love the added shimmer and sparkle in Matte Velvets & suedes. It’s really, really stunning. I was sure it was the most wonderful unique polish ever, but Alli reminded me of deborah Lippmann Pseudo Silk Kimono.

As far as the application goes…it was just okay. Between the texture of the polish and the fact that it’s white – it does take 4 coats to get a nice even streak free finish. If you’ve worked with mattes or suede finishes before you’ll know what to expect. If you haven’t, I suggest doing thin coats, adding a little extra wait time in between. If you apply the polish too thickly you might end up with pockets-o-polish that take ages to dry and when they do you’re left with a bumpy finish.

Zoya’s 2015 MatteVelvet Collection for Winter 2015 includes 6 brand new beauties:  I’ll probably pass on Iris and Honor, but I definitely see a place in my stash for Sue and Amal. Maybe I can convince Alli to try Yves. It would look SO good on her.

Each MatteVelvet polish retails for $10. You can buy Zoya nail polish direction from Zoya’s website. My Ulta also carries new Zoya collections and when I went this past weekend, they had a full display! Of course, a quick search on amazon gets you prices as low as $6. Up to you!

Swatches below!

katie signature 2015

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Zoya – Cinnamon

Zoya Cinnamon Bottle A few nights ago, it finally felt like Fall. The leaves have started to change and the air was crisp. I decided to channel that feeling onto my nails. I’ve just fallen head over heals for this polish. Cinnamon is a part the Flair side of Zoya’s Focus & Flair Collection for Fall 2015. I will […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Felicity

Zoya Felicity Time for a little nail polish rewind! For a really long time I resisted ordering polishes online. I wanted to see them in the stores. Even now, there are only a few brands I’ll order online. Zoya was one of the first brands I broke my “rules” for -and of course it was thanks to […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Yasmeen

Zoya - Yasmeen Right, I know it’s summer but I figured it was okay to slip into Fall mode for the day. A few weeks ago, I asked you guys what some of your favorite dupes were and someone mentioned Zoya Yasmeen as a cheaper alternative for NARS Purple Rain – it peaked my interest. I’m sure a […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Sage

Zoya - Sage Happy Monday! Today will be fabulous. Let me tell you, last Monday was rough. Actually, the entire week was rough – I adore daylight savings and more… daylight but the transition is brutal! Please tell me I wasn’t the only one struggling last week? Friday marks the beginning of Spring and I have lots of […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Posh & Savita

Zoya - Posh + Savita Surprise! In honor of Friday Eve, I thought I’d bring you a two-in-one post! I know everyone is drooling over the Zoya Transitional Satin Collection but I am still falling head over heels for the Rereleased for 2014: Zoya Matte polishes. I PROMISE I’ve learned my lesson this time: stop resisting trends! You know…like the […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Dovima

Zoya - Dovima After a week+ of some sort of strep throat/flu combo and a week back at work, I’m about two weeks behind with the whole new years resolution thing. Actually, I kind of hate the whole resolution thing, it stresses me out. Seeing as leaving the house with one hand painted has become a regular occurrence […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Yuna

Zoya - Yuna I had so much fun with the BCA pinks from Essie and OPI and my Halloween fun with Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen, but I am ready to leap back into some more traditional Fall colors and I couldn’t think of a better place to start than with Yuna from Zoya’s Ignite Collection. This is the […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Autumn

zoya autumn Happy Monday! After I fell in love with Magical PixieDust Bar, I realized I have not given Zoya nearly enough attention lately. I decided to check out the Fall Ultra Pixiedust polishes. How can anyone possibly resist something called an ULTRA PixieDust? Well… I looked at swatches and I wanted to love them. I tried, […] Continue reading →

Zoya- Bar

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Bar Happy Labor Day! I was wandering around Ulta Saturday (shocking), looking for a back to school treat for myself and I kept looking at Zoya’s Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust display.  I went back and forth between Bar and Ginni. Bar appealed to my love of the beach – it instantly reminded me of impossibly sparkly […] Continue reading →