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Zoya – Posh & Savita

Zoya - Posh + SavitaSurprise! In honor of Friday Eve, I thought I’d bring you a two-in-one post! I know everyone is drooling over the Zoya Transitional Satin Collection but I am still falling head over heels for the Rereleased for 2014: Zoya Matte polishes. I PROMISE I’ve learned my lesson this time: stop resisting trends! You know…like the Zoya Matte Velvets, textured polish, the color green…

My first two purchases were kind of obvious – black and red: Posh and Dovima. But, while I was strolling around Ulta last weekend, I saw some of the mattes on clearance and picked up Savita for $4.97! Score! Posh is a bold cool toned red and Savita is an absolutely regal medium purple.

I really love these polishes & I may even love them more than my beloved OPI Suede polishes. The finish is perfect. Zoya added just the right amount of shimmer to keep them from being flat and they look so soft I find myself just touching my nails – that’s so weird, right?

For both Savita and Posh I used 2-3 thin coats. Keeping your coats thin is important since the polish dries so quickly. Thicker coats can lead to polish filled streaks (that sort of sounds like a disease…).  Nail imperfections will show through, but the Matte Velvets don’t magnify the problem like metallic polishes, for example which is great for me. I have my fair share of imperfections – especially my middle nail.

Go take a look around your local ULTA to see if you can find these on clearance. You can also order them from The Matte Velvet Sampler retails for $54, and single Matte Velvet polishes for $9 (Posh, Savita). Prices vary by polish on Amazon.

I also plan on ordering two of the new Zoya Naturel Satin polishes – which ones would you like to see most? Let me know!

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Zoya – Dovima

Zoya - Dovima After a week+ of some sort of strep throat/flu combo and a week back at work, I’m about two weeks behind with the whole new years resolution thing. Actually, I kind of hate the whole resolution thing, it stresses me out. Seeing as leaving the house with one hand painted has become a regular occurrence […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Yuna

Zoya - Yuna I had so much fun with the BCA pinks from Essie and OPI and my Halloween fun with Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen, but I am ready to leap back into some more traditional Fall colors and I couldn’t think of a better place to start than with Yuna from Zoya’s Ignite Collection. This is the […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Autumn

zoya autumn Happy Monday! After I fell in love with Magical PixieDust Bar, I realized I have not given Zoya nearly enough attention lately. I decided to check out the Fall Ultra Pixiedust polishes. How can anyone possibly resist something called an ULTRA PixieDust? Well… I looked at swatches and I wanted to love them. I tried, […] Continue reading →

Zoya- Bar

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Bar Happy Labor Day! I was wandering around Ulta Saturday (shocking), looking for a back to school treat for myself and I kept looking at Zoya’s Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust display.  I went back and forth between Bar and Ginni. Bar appealed to my love of the beach – it instantly reminded me of impossibly sparkly […] Continue reading →

Zoya PixieDust Vega

Zoya PixieDust Vega cover I’m not even going to lie, I was terrified to try this nail polish! All I could think about was the disaster that was Essie Belugaria. I mean, I still have nightmares that center around that nail polish, I am happy to report that Zoya did not make the same mistakes Essie did. And I […] Continue reading →

Zoya Codie

Zoya Codie Bottle Zoya isn’t a brand I pay much attention too. And that has nothing to do with the quality of Zoya polishes. The ones I have tried I quite like. The brand generally just doesn’t excite me. This polish landed on my doorstep via my fellow TDVer, Katie. She sent it to me along with some […] Continue reading →

ZOYA – Karina

Zoya - Karina Bottle Today is the big day! Well, for me it’s a big day… I’ll be spending this afternoon baking my very first apple pie! It’s been a few months, but my first attempt at pie making was pretty successful: peach! I inspired Alli to do a little peach nail art!  Since I’ll be busy busy all […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Piaf

Zoya - Piaf (plant) Good afternoon! I hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday! Today I decided to explore the yellow side of my yellow/green obsession! So far this summer, I’ve leaned on the greener side with Covergirl’s Appletini, L’Oreal’s New Money, and China Glaze’s Budding Romance. More recently, I slowly started shifting to the yellow end of the […] Continue reading →

Zoya Pixie Dust – Nyx

Zoya - Nyx (Sun) Okay! You win! I finally understand the textured polish trend! When OPI started releasing their Liquid Sand polishes – I just didn’t get it. I’ve always hated having bumpy nails and the idea of doing it on purpose? EEK! So I passed on those. But then…. I saw Zoya’s Pixie Dust promos… and knew right […] Continue reading →