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Zoya – Autumn

zoya autumnHappy Monday! After I fell in love with Magical PixieDust Bar, I realized I have not given Zoya nearly enough attention lately. I decided to check out the Fall Ultra Pixiedust polishes. How can anyone possibly resist something called an ULTRA PixieDust? Well… I looked at swatches and I wanted to love them. I tried, I did, but they just aren’t me. Not to be deterred,I started perusing the Entice & Ignite Collection. I ended up snagging Autumn and Yuna and I still have my eye on Sansa and Remy.

Autumn is the beauty that you’re seeing today. It is Fall in a bottle. Zoya actually put Fall in a magical nail polish blender and this is what happened. My friend Erin said it looked like Pumpkin Spice in a bottle – I love her description, it’s pretty spot on.

Autumn is a deep bronze filled to the brim with gold shimmer. It reminds me a lot of my first Zoya love, Crystal – except for the whole completely different color thing. Application was dreamy. I used two coats and topped it off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat. Zoya doesn’t always play well with Seche Vite, but I haven’t noticed any issues when I use HK Girl.

Warm toned girls, you need this. For the cool toned ladies out there, I’m not so sure this would be a great fit, and I’m so sorry for that. This polish is fabulous, unique, and perfect for Fall. It’s going to get a lot of wear time.

Zoya retails for $9 and you can order directly from their website. It’s a little pricier on Amazon ($9.99) but includes free shipping.

I hope you’ll take a peak at my swatches below!



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Zoya- Bar

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Bar Happy Labor Day! I was wandering around Ulta Saturday (shocking), looking for a back to school treat for myself and I kept looking at Zoya’s Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust display.  I went back and forth between Bar and Ginni. Bar appealed to my love of the beach – it instantly reminded me of impossibly sparkly […] Continue reading →

Zoya PixieDust Vega

Zoya PixieDust Vega cover I’m not even going to lie, I was terrified to try this nail polish! All I could think about was the disaster that was Essie Belugaria. I mean, I still have nightmares that center around that nail polish, I am happy to report that Zoya did not make the same mistakes Essie did. And I […] Continue reading →

Zoya Codie

Zoya Codie Bottle Zoya isn’t a brand I pay much attention too. And that has nothing to do with the quality of Zoya polishes. The ones I have tried I quite like. The brand generally just doesn’t excite me. This polish landed on my doorstep via my fellow TDVer, Katie. She sent it to me along with some […] Continue reading →

ZOYA – Karina

Zoya - Karina Bottle Today is the big day! Well, for me it’s a big day… I’ll be spending this afternoon baking my very first apple pie! It’s been a few months, but my first attempt at pie making was pretty successful: peach! I inspired Alli to do a little peach nail art!  Since I’ll be busy busy all […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Piaf

Zoya - Piaf (plant) Good afternoon! I hope you’re all having a marvelous Monday! Today I decided to explore the yellow side of my yellow/green obsession! So far this summer, I’ve leaned on the greener side with Covergirl’s Appletini, L’Oreal’s New Money, and China Glaze’s Budding Romance. More recently, I slowly started shifting to the yellow end of the […] Continue reading →

Zoya Pixie Dust – Nyx

Zoya - Nyx (Sun) Okay! You win! I finally understand the textured polish trend! When OPI started releasing their Liquid Sand polishes – I just didn’t get it. I’ve always hated having bumpy nails and the idea of doing it on purpose? EEK! So I passed on those. But then…. I saw Zoya’s Pixie Dust promos… and knew right […] Continue reading →

Zoya Mimi

Zoya Mimi Greetings fellow nail addicts. I am so excited to introduce you to my new nail polish obsession; Zoya Mimi. No seriously. Obsessed! Mimi has been a long time polish lemming of mine. I could just never justify picking it up. Finally I spotted it at Ulta during a recent shopping trip and pulled the trigger. […] Continue reading →

Zoya Edyta

Zoya Edyta 3 At this point it must have been over two years ago when I walked into Ulta to see they had started carrying Zoya. I was super excited because in high school I was a Zoya devotee. Well, 2 years later, and this is still the only Zoya polish in my collection. Go figure! Originally from […] Continue reading →

Zoya – Jules

I was wandering around Ulta a week or two ago and they had tons of great polishes on clearance. A good selection of Zoya, China Glaze, and OPI – ironically it included Alli’s mega-lemming for the past 2 years – Dating a Royal – but I’d just sent her my bottle so I decided to […] Continue reading →