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Perfect Pair: PISTOL polish True Grit, I’ve Got It & Orly Saturated

PISTOL polish True Grit, I've Got It and Orly Saturated coverThis manicure came to be because I was wearing PISTOL polish True Grit, I’ve Got It and loved it. But, despite the fact that True Grit is textured AND metallic I found it to be a  bit on the boring side in terms of the color.

The easy way to fix this problem is obviously to add some color to the manicure. I didn’t want to do a regular accent nail so I opted to add a small triangle of Orly Saturated just on my pointer finger. That small pop of color was enough to give the manicure just enough color.

To add Orly Saturated I didn’t use the tape method as I figured it wouldn’t work due to the texture of the base color. Instead, I used a nail art brush from my handy dandy eBay nail art set. It worked perfectly.

As always, there are swatches under the jump!


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Nail Art: Liverpool FC Mani

Liverpool Nail Art Last weekend Charlotte hosted an International Champions Cup soccer (er, futbol) match between Liverpool and AC Milan. While I’m not the biggest soccer fan I do love sports and was excited to attend simply because it was a new experience and let me tell you; it was a SCENE. The game was in Bank of […] Continue reading →

DIY Shell Manicure

DIY Shell Manicure Sometimes I just really want a beachy, statement manicure. SAID NO ONE EVER! But, that is what Ciate is pedaling with their newest Shell Manicure nail art kit. This kit sells at Sephora for $25 which is more or less highway robbery. You can get the supplies to do this manicure for less than $2 […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: German Flag Manicure

Germany World Cup Manicure Today is the final of the World Cup! It’s an exciting day just because of that but even more exciting is Germany is in the final. During the 2006 World Cup I was in Germany and I totally caught soccer fever. Ever since I’ve always cheered on Germany so hopefully they can pull off a […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Easy American Flag Nails

Easy American Flag Nail Art cover Once the 4th of July holiday passes I always feel like the best part of summer is over. Especially when I had such a fun 4th of July weekend! I spent the weekend in the North Carolina mountains enjoying the beautiful scenery and the amazing weather. But really, the best part of the weekend was […] Continue reading →

Patriotic Manicures: The Ultimate Guide

Patriotic Manicures 2014 As I was prepping to do this post I counted no less than 25 America inspired manicures on The Daily Varnish. We’re talking manicures for everything from Election Day to the World Cup. Since the 4th of July holiday is quickly approaching I picked out some of my favorite America themed manis from over the […] Continue reading →