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Nail Art: Essie Criss Cross Manicure

Essie Criss Cross Nail ArtI can’t remember exactly how I came across this video from essie; it may have been in an email or I may have just been browsing essie’s website. But either way, I could NOT get the look out of my head. I had to recreate it.

In the video essie uses Sand Tropez and Wicked but I wanted to use my 2 absolute favorite recent releases from essie; Urban Jungle and Fall In Line.

This criss cross nail art (as essie is calling it) is super easy to recreate. I started with Urban Jungle as my base. Then using a brush from my eBay nail art set I added the lines creating 2 X’s. Fall In Line is opaque enough that I only had to touch up the lines in a few places.

I was, quite honestly, obsessed with this manicure. It’s so chic and season appropriate!

I wore this to the annual Mallard Creek Barbecue (a big event here in Charlotte) and I got so many compliments on my nails. One lady even asked me where I get my nails done (I told her my house!).

If you haven’t picked up Urban Jungle and Fall In Line yet I highly recommend you add them to your collection. Urban Jungle is available on as well as Amazon. Fall In Line can be found on Amazon.

There are a couple more swatches under the jump!


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Nail Art: Pumpkin King Manicure

Pumpkin King Nail Art Every year around Halloween I make it a point to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a wonderful movie from the story to the music to the animation.  Plus, the nostalgic aspect of the film cannot be ignored; it was a favorite of mine as a child. So, when I saw Sally Hansen had a […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Jack-O’-Latern Nail Art

Jack-O'-Latern Manicure I adore Halloween. But sometimes I get tired of all the orange and black. Since I’m having a serious love affair with Essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low I wanted to do an understated Halloween manicure using Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low as the base color. Nothing says Halloween like a jack-0′-latern. But I kept it simple […] Continue reading →

Trick or Treat: Ghost Nail Art

Halloween Nails Ghost Nail Art Halloween is a couple of weeks away which means it is totally acceptable to start wearing full blown Halloween nail art! I love Halloween so this excites me greatly. I already have a ginormous bowl of candy at my house waiting for trick or treaters (aka me). I’m loving matte black polish so much I […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Carolina Panthers

Panthers Playoff Manicure Cover It is the opening weekend for the 2014 NFL season. Charlotte is buzzing as the Panthers take on Tampa Bay today in their opening game. While I am certainly not a hardcore NFL fan (college football is my true football love) I always embrace a chance to do a themed manicure. Basically, I wanted to […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Auburn Football Manicure

Auburn Football Manicure TODAY IS THE DAY! Auburn plays their first football game of the season today against Arkansas and I am so freaking excited, y’all. The Charlotte Auburn Club has watch parties at Heist Brewery and you better believe I’ll be there decked out in Auburn themed everything. To celebrate the beginning of the SEC football season […] Continue reading →

Nail Art: Liverpool FC Mani

Liverpool Nail Art Last weekend Charlotte hosted an International Champions Cup soccer (er, futbol) match between Liverpool and AC Milan. While I’m not the biggest soccer fan I do love sports and was excited to attend simply because it was a new experience and let me tell you; it was a SCENE. The game was in Bank of […] Continue reading →