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Jamberry – Teal the Show

It’s my first snow day of the school year – so I get to sit in my jammies and paint my nails and edit photos. Let’s celebrate!

In case you missed my last post, I decided to become a Jamberry Independent Consultant. Horray!? We’ll see. At any rate, I’m having fun and I’m excited about my nails again. So that’s good news for you – I think.

Teal the Show was the very first “nail lacquer” I ordered from Jamberry. I had to see how their holo polish held up to my standards. It was a $15 Black Friday special as it normally retails for $18. Did I buy it on Black Friday? No. I paid $18 for this baby.

The application was good, I used three thin coats and bam – my nails were full of holographic sparkly wonder. Teal comes off as both scattered and linear holo – it’s not a super strong linear holo – but when it hits the right light BAM. It’s gorgeous. I wore this for an entire week – an unintentional wear test. You guys know me, I don’t wear anything long enough to wear test, but I loved this so much.

So, real talk. Is this an awesome polish? Yes. Will I wear it all the time? Yes. Is it worth $15 or $18? Ehh. My holo experience is limited to GOSH Holographic Hero & my beloved Color Club halo hues – and in my opinion, those are going to be easier on your bank account. That being said, I’ll still likely order any future holo polishes.  I’d love to get my hands on an older one, Showtime.

Side Note: I’ve been looking HARD at buying some polishes from ILNP – so if you’ve tried them, let me know! They seem to have the most beautiful holos in pretty much every color imaginable and the price is right -$10.

Teal the Show is currently sold out and not expected to be restocked, but I really wanted it to share it with you PLUS I did a wear test and I’m pretty sure I should get some sort of crown or sash or trophy for that.

Lots of pictures below! If you’d like to shop with me head on over to I have some fun snow day specials on my facebook page! Valid today only, unless of course I get a second snow day tomorrow. XO.

Happy Monday!

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So… I’m a Jamberry Consultant?

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Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro – Love Hangover

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OPI – Mad for Madness Sake

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Target July Beauty Boxes [Sold Out]

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Color Club – Halo-graphic

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SinfulColors – Karma

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Game of Chromes

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