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Julep – Tamara

Julep - Tamara CollageIt’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Julep box. However, I just couldn’t find it in myself to check the “skip this month” box. I am so in love with the scent of the Julep’s Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, that I couldn’t pass up the Bare Body Milk – same scent! Heavenly, seriously. While I love the Poolside theme for July 2014, it took a while to choose my colors. I knew Alli would want Dawn (you know how she is about yellows lately), but none of the colors screamed Katie. Yes, polishes can scream. Don’t even try to tell me yours don’t. I finally ended up choosing Tamara.  You can all sleep a little more peacefully tonight, I have found my perfect summer red polish! I can already hear your sighs of relief. Oh, I’m in such a sassy mood today.

Tamara is so lovely. Julep describes Tamara as a Lipstick red crème. There are so many red lipsticks, none of which I have the nerve to wear, so I don’t really find this description adequate. Whenever I look at my nails I think WATERMELON. Not real watermelon, of course. I’m thinking artificial watermelon flavored candies. It’s probably not the most accurate description; Alli can tell you, I almost reach panic mode when trying to describe red polish. When I was telling her about Tamara, she asked me in a very tongue in cheek Alli sort of way – if it was fire engine red. I try to make everything fire engine red… There’s something about Mary Tamara that is adorable and squishy – so I’ll once again disagree with the Julep description. This is not a 100% creme. It’s a creme jelly hybrid. Victory!

If you wanted, you could get away with one coat. I used two because otherwise I just feel somewhat guilty. Application was great: very fluid without being runny. Perfection. I always forget how much I love Julep polishes, I’m not sure why. They almost always end up being absolutely fabulous.

Julep polishes are available at Sephora, but the monthly subscription service is a much more affordable way to get Julep polishes. To get your first month free use the code FREEBOX!

Happy Monday!


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Julep – Monaco

Julep - Monaco Yes, I realize that it’s St. Patrick’s Day and that everyone else in nail polish land is probably showing off delightful green manicures today, but St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t my thing. What is my thing? Duke Basketball. SO yesterday, I was – of course – watching the ACC Championship game between Duke and UVA. […] Continue reading →

Julep – Kennedy

Julep - Kennedy (Collage) Welcome to another Monday Funday with Katie! I’m in full on vacation mode and I’m loving all of the polishes I chose from Julep’s Sail Into Summer collection! I loved Nan, and I’m loving Kennedy too! In addition to the It Girl box I chose Kennedy and Bunny as add-ons – SO worth it. Kennedy […] Continue reading →

Julep – Nan

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail I have been raving about this polish ever since it arrived! Nan was the first polish I used from my June Julep Maven box and it’s been a whirlwind love affair! This polish was the main reason I decided to get my June Julep box (to see my unboxing post head over to The Daily […] Continue reading →

Katie’s Top 10 of 2012!

katietopten2 Happy New Years Eve!!! I can’t believe it’s time for a top 10 already! I really feel like I just pressed “publish” on my Top 10 from 2011! Personally, 2012 has absolutely flown by and it’s been an up and down crazy ride but all in all I’d give it a thumbs up.  Anyways, I’m […] Continue reading →

Julep Suede – Brit

Julep - Brit As I said in my unboxing post for Julep’s November Maven Box, I was thrilled to see that Julep was going to try their hand at Suede finish polishes. I love my OPI Suedes – they’re perfect in a pinch since they dry so quickly! I was so excited that I even ordered an add-on […] Continue reading →

Julep – Lisa

As I mentioned in my post over on The Daily Varnish Extra about Julep‘s October box, I was thrilled when they offered a Maven’s Choice box as an alternative to the boxes with crackles. Truthfully, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose a box with crackle in it, but to each her own (with a […] Continue reading →

Julep – Jessica

While Penelope may have been my perfect pale pink, Jessica may be my new favorite baby blue! I received Jessica in my April Julep Maven: It Girl box. This is a super pigmented baby blue creme that is a potential one coater if you’re careful (yes, really!)The best part is that unlike many light blues […] Continue reading →