So… I’m a Jamberry Consultant?

Full disclosure! I’ve become a Jamberry Consultant. Before you click the X in your tab, let me share a little more.

You may recall that, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Jamberry wraps again a few months ago. Keep in mind, this is a big deal. This is after years of eyerolling at my Facebook feed and several colorful conversations with Alli about UGH JAMBERRY.

I’ve tried the wraps a few times since and I’m still happy with them. Am I going to become a wrap convert? No. I love painting my nails – listen up – this is important. I LOVE PAINTING MY NAILS. For a while, a long while, I didn’t. I wasn’t excited about new polish. I see the wraps filling  specific void in my life, the one that once in a while wants superfun nail art – most likely for special occasions. Let’s be real, I barely made it through nail art 101: dotticures & dry brush. OH. I’m pretty great with accent nails too.

Becoming a consultant was the result of an early morning impulse on pay day. I wanted to support my friend, Kate because she’s SO enthusiastic about Jamberry and I figured… hey, why not? The starter kit was $99, $120 with shipping & taxes.

I got sidetracked, the big thing is this: I’m excited again – and I’m thankful that Jamberry spurred on this renewed passion for ALL things nail related.

So, with all that said, here are my goals – for myself. I’m going to give this whole Jamberry thing about 3 months. Am I interested in becoming a Jamberry Goddess Rockstar? Not really. Would I like to make some money on the side? Sure. I’m a teacher. Enough said. But if that happens, it’ll be in an organic and authentic way. I’ve never worked retail, I’m not GOOD at being that person, that person that would be successful at this sort of thing.

So… a few things I want to make clear:

This is not going to become a Jamberry blog. That’s boring and not anything close to what we intended when we started The Daily Varnish. This blog will remain a place for honesty. That’s something I’m really proud of – it’s been 8 years and we’ve maintained our goal of showing you what we’re wearing, what we love, what we hate, and a few things in between.

Mostly, I’m excited to share this journey with you. There are already a few things I’ve noticed that I like, and a few that I don’t. Those thoughts are tied to specific polishes though, and I’ll get there.

I’ve ordered 7 polishes + a top and base coat to get me started and I’ve spent my own money on them. For the most part, I’ve chosen really standard colors because it’d be easier to compare quality and price points for you. The first though is a Holo called Teal the Show – it’s pretty much the polish that started it all and I can’t wait to show you how pretty it is. Note: My original intention was to review Teal the Show in this post with a brief – heyyy this is what I’ve been dabbling in lately, but you know me – I use lots of words, and it ended up that I felt this needed it’s own post.

I will post links to my Jamberry website & Facebook page, that just makes sense. Do I want you to feel obligated to visit it or make purchases? No. That’s ridiculous. But I wanted to be completely open about it, since I will be reviewing some polishes lacquers.

I’d love to answer ANY questions you have. You can comment below or send me an email: Of course, you can do those things anyway. I love you guys. PS, if you go to my Facebook page, don’t laugh at the picture. It’s a terrible but slightly groovy snapchat selfie.

Now, back to watching Call the Midwife. I’m obsessed with Sister Monica Joan. HILARIOUS.

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PS: I’m sleepy and I fully intended on having Alli proofread this before I posted, but I’m just itching to push publish. Caffeinated edits may happen tomorrow. xo.




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