OPI – Mad for Madness Sake

OPI - Mad for Madness Sake LabelIt’s the weekend, it’s the weekend.

After the AMAZING Alice in Wonderland OPI collection, how could I skip Through the Looking Glass? It just wasn’t an option. However…either I was sleep shopping or I bought based on name – both are equally likely. I ordered the pink and red cremes. The same pinks and reds I have handfuls of bottles of already: Mad for Madness Sake & Having a Big Head Day.

First to make an appearance is Mad for Madness Sake. It’s a fabulous fun fuchsia. It’s great and I love the color – but I have this color several times over. The formula is pretty outstanding – one coat if you’re in a rush, two coats if you absolutely can’t handle visible nail lines or someone will be within a few inches of your hands. Overall – thumbs up.

Conclusion: If you’re building your polish collection – this is an awesome polish. If you’re already a hoarder, pass. In retrospect, I wish I’d ordered the more unique polishes in the collection: What Time Isn’t it?, A Mirror Escape, or Oh My Majesty! Although, I’ll definitely wear this more often than I would those… so maybe I was just being practical.

Even though I’m months behind in swatches, this collection is still very available! So, in case you’re months behind in nail polish purchasing swing by your local OPI retailer to pick up this pretty pink. My suggestion? Head on over to Ulta – they’re currently having a 2 for $16 special on OPI polishes. Considering OPI currently retails for $10, that’s a pretty great deal.

Also worth mentioning, if you’re looking for the absolute best polish comparisons – hit up imabeautygeek.com. The Through the Looking Glass comparisons are pretty amazing. Added bonus? Karen‘s level of sass always makes me laugh. Always.

After a few days pink just wasn’t cutting it for me so I had to add a little sparkle – of course I grabbed Fairy Dust and went to town. Pictures below!

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OPI - Mad for Madness Sake

OPI - Mad for Madness Sake 2

OPI - Mad for Madness Sake Label

OPI - Mad for Madness Sake + Fairy Dust

OPI - Mad for Madness Sake + China Glaze Fairy Dust



  1. Love it- and I already have it a few times too, but I still love it. And also, I absolutely agree about fairy dust. If anything, this just confirms that ANYTHING is better with fairy dust…

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