Color Club – Revvvolution

Color Club Revvvolution (The Daily Varnish)I’m sitting here avoiding the last episode of OITNB – so I decided to pop in and say hi :).

It is OFFICIALLY summer. I’m so excited! I chose Revvvolution for my last day of school fun mani, but then we had some crazy storms and most of the Richmond metro area was without power so get this – there was no last day of school! So weird. But here’s the great thing – no lesson plans, no papers to grade, no nonsense for two months – that (hopefully) means more posts! I have SO MUCH POLISH to share with you.

Anyway, my obsession with the Color Club holo polishes is pretty well documented at this point – and it all started with this polish. I remember trying to find it and I went EVERYWHERE. Finally, I found it when I popped into the shadiest nail supply shop I’ve ever seen – they had fake OPIs, it was dusty, and just…sketch. It ended up being worth it because this polish is one of my forever favorites. If I had to go back in time I’d totally have picked up Worth The Risque too – but for now it sits on my wishlist.

Revvvolution was originally released in 2009 as a part of the Spring Femme Fatale collection. It’s a black holographic that will make you forget that you ever lusted for the original My Private Jet. Seriously. I think it’d mesh perfectly with a Met Gala Taylor Swift look. Side note: I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but ohh la la I’m totally feeling this Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift thing. Rebound, girl!

Ladies and gentlemen, this polish should already be in your collection, but if it isn’t…you can snag it on Amazon for 5.53 – 29.40 (what?) or eBay for $10.99 + free shipping. I know it’s been 7 years, but I refuse to believe it’s not available anywhere else, if you’ve seen this anywhere let me know! In the meantime, I have my eye on some (all) of the newest Halo Hues – I’m thinking Crystal Baller. Yes/No?

Leave me some love below – What are your summer plans? What’s on your nails? What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

Pictures below.

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Color Club - Revvvolution (The Daily Varnish)

Color Club - Revvvolution (The Daily Varnish)

Color Club Revvvolution (The Daily Varnish)




  1. It took me many years before I knew there was an online nail community. But it only took me days after that to learn about halos! 😁 Now I can’t get enough. I don’t have this one, and well now I must have it! I look forward to seeing more of your polish backlog!!

  2. I love and have Revvolution. I just Received Worth the Risquein the mail a couple of days ago. I got mine from an online store called Victorias nail supply for 2 bucks. Unfortunately Revvolution is out of stock and probably won’t be restocked but not sure.

    1. Ohhhh! How was your experience with Victoria Nail Supply? Worth the Risque hadn’t even registered on my radar until I had to do a quick google search to remember the collection name and then I was like OMGMUSTHAVE.

  3. I get so happy when I see a new post! Yay! Can’t wait to see more! Toes: OPI Dutch Tulips, Nails: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Bronze Beauty (Big Lots find – one of my very fave neutrals that doesn’t show tip wear or chips!).

    1. YAY! I like it when people are happy!

      I love Dutch Tulips, but I don’t own it. This sort of thinking usually ends in a purchase 🙂

      I’m wearing Essie Meet me at Sunset on my toes – it’s a summer favorite.

  4. I don’t have the original My Private Jet but I love it just the same, this one looks so beautiful!! And right now I have Petticoat on by Defy and Inspire from Target. Have you tried any of those yet? I picked this up because it looks like OPI’s Oh My Majesty! (which was on my wishlist) and it was on clearance for $2.49, I was so happy!! Besides that, I’m honestly surprised with the wear of this polish, I put it on last saturday and it’s still on, no base coat, 3 coats of color and no top coat and I honestly have minimal tipwear!! NO CHIPS!! Polishes last a decent amount of time specially with top coat but no top coat I get 3 maybe 4 days without a chip, but this is just incredible!! I’m very surprised!!

    1. I haven’t tried the Defy & Inspire polishes yet! I’ve looked at them a few times though, I may have to take the plunge – that’s some impressive wear time – plus I think the bottles are cute. 🙂

  5. This is one of my all time favorites, which reminds me I should seek out a backup bottle. I have VERY few backups of polish but this should be one of them for sure.

    Worth the Risque is another classic, along with Wild at Heart. For 2009 polishes they were ahead of their time!

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