SinfulColors – Karma

SinfulColors - KarmaAs much as part of me hates to admit it, I can’t stop picking up these Kylie x SinfulColors polishes. They’re cute, the price is right, and they are everywhere. There are a handful of collections: First up is King Kylie: Precious Metals & Crown Jewels. All of the King Kylie polishes are part of the SinfulShine line – I haven’t tried any yet but I have my eye on a few. Second, the Walgreens exclusive: Denim & Bling. Finally, there are two Trend Matters collections: Velvety Demi Mattes & Pure Satin Mattes. There will be a quiz later.

What’s the difference between a velvety demi-matte and a pure satin matte? I don’t know yet. I’m sure I’ll spend a great deal of time thinking about it though.

I really wanted to like Karma. The name is fabulous because it’s a K word that actually starts with a K. For what it’s worth, Karma is apparently a Velvety Demi Matte. IF you recall, I obsessed over the demi mattes in the Fall. While SinfulColors describes Karma as a “positively perfect dark pink pearl shade,” I’d describe Karma as somewhere in the lavender / radiant orchid zone. It reminds me a lot of Splash of Grenadine. It has a medium amount of gold shimmer that makes it GORGEOUS in the sun. But, if you aren’t in direct sun, this polish really falls short. It looks dull and boring. It needs a lot more shimmer to even get into the same category as the beloved OPI Suedes & Zoya Matte Velvets.

I didn’t use a base or top coat, and I used two medium coats to vanquish the visible nail lines. I probably should have used a matte top coat to smooth out some of my ridges.

Final verdict…this polish is unique to my collection, but it’s not a must have. BUT if you decide it’s a must have for you, you can snag it at all of your usual SinfulColors retailers. I’ve been hoarding these polishes mainly from Walgreen’s and Target.

Swatches below!

Be bold.

katie pinksig14

P.S. With the excessive K’s spread throughout these three lines in true Kardashian/Jenner fashion… why are we calling them collections and not kollections?

Kylie + Sinful Colors Kollections

SinfulColors - Karma (sun)

SinfulColors - Karma 2

SinfulColors - Karma (shade)

SinfulColors - Karma


    1. Kool kolor Katie! ‘Kollection’, how komical a komment… But I must be kareful not to overdo it or my spellchecker will get konfused… 🙂

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