deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream

deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream The Daily VarnishWe’re having a particularly frigid week here in Charlotte. So it’s the perfect time to dream about spring, right?

For Spring 2016 deborah lippmann has released 4 new shades in the Gel Lab PRO formula. The collection is called Afternoon Delight and the colors are dreamy!

Peaches & Cream is described as a full coverage orange creamsicle cream. However, this pulls a bit more pink, at least on me, to be described as orange creamsicle.

I’m a bit disappointed in the formula. I needed three coats to get an opaque, streak free color. Otherwise it was easy to work with.

It is worth nothing that the brush on the gel lab pro line is a wide brush yet the bottle opening is the same size. This can create a frustrating situation.

While I think the color of this polish is lovely I don’t find the formula to be all that special. And the price point for the gel lab pro polishes, $20, is too high just for a polish not to be special.

Along with swatches I’ll include information about the gel lab pro line under the jump.

Peaches & Cream is currently available at Nordstrom and as well as on Amazon.


deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & CreamDeborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color features a dual-patented formula infused with 10 active ingredients that help deliver health, wear and shine while giving you the gloss and cushion of a gel manicure without the nail damage.

Evening primrose is an omega-6 fatty acid that reduces moisture loss; biotin is a vitamin that stimulates keratin production; keratin is a protein and the main building block of your nails; and nonychosine F delivers strength and resilience to fortify weak and brittle nails. Green tea extract protects nails from damage by free radicals; aucumea deters ridges from forming; platinum powder resists wear; and epoxy resin fuses the lacquer to bind layers together. Additionally, silk fibers produced by silkworms even out the nail plate for a smooth finish.

deborah lippmann gel lab pro Peaches & Cream swatch deborah lippmann gel lab pro packaging


  1. how was the wear with this “gel lab pro” polish?
    will it last 2+ weeks like a gel polish?
    is it super glossy from day 1 to day 14?

    1. I can’t really comment on the wear. I wore this polish once, for a couple of days, and it was ok in the wear department. But I really need to give it a real attempt at long wear.

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