Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Get the Point

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Get The PointHappy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re doing something that makes you happy.

Here at The Daily Varnish, we’re big fans of the Salon Effects. I’d buy them more often if they weren’t usually in the $10 range. A few weeks ago I shared the Sally Hanson display at my local Walgreen’s that had several of the Salon Effects sets on clearance for 2.69 – OF COURSE I picked one up. It’s a miracle I only grabbed one. I kind of want to go back. Maybe they’re still on clearance..

Get the Point is really cute. I’m really into ultra clean lines and geometric designs lately, so I guess that’s why I was immediately drawn to this one. It’s so simple that an amateur nail artist could easily recreate this look with minimal effort. I followed the directions perfectly (for once) and spent maybe 15 minutes on application.

I didn’t intend for Get The Point to be my Valentine’s Weekend mani, it just sort of happened – and it worked out well! I wore these for 5 days – which is well beyond my usual 2-3 day limit. I didn’t take pictures day 1, so you’ll see some wear in some of the pictures. You can see the day on my pictures. Removal was fine. I used my regular remover but that left my nails gummy – this isn’t something I noticed before, at least not that I remember, but a few swipes of pure acetone and I was all set.

Do yourself a favor and skip the retail price on these – not that they aren’t worth it, but there are some great deals for Salon Effects on Amazon – a handful with Prime shipping. I’m obsessed with Prime. More on that another day.

Swatches below!

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Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Get The Point (Day 2)

Sally Hanson Salon Effects - Get The Point (day 4)

Sally Hansen - Get The Point



    1. It’s so much easier than you’d think – I love them! Now, I’ve never tried the slim packs – those are nail stickers and not made of real nail polish. But… I do love these.

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