EOS Lip Balm Update

EOS nailsI’m back with an update.

I emailed a link to my post last Friday regarding the lip problems that the EOS lip blam caused. They responded in a timely manner (especially considering the amount of emails they must currently be getting!). There’s a copy of the email under the jump.

Just a little update on my lips. I would say they are 90% back to normal. I actually got to wear lipstick for the first time in ages over the weekend! I was so excited to be wearing lipstick again I even bought myself a new lipstick (CoverGirl Bombshell Pink).

Anyhow. So far I’m pleased with EOS’s response to my personal issues. We’ll see if they follow through with what they promised in the future!




  1. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better.

    My husband sent me a link a few weeks ago and I thought it was one of those “orders hot coffee/ sues because coffee is hot” kind of thing. But after reading your post, I did some more looking. You’re the closest to personally knowing someone who’s been affected. I’ve not had any problems with mine and so I’ve continued to use them.

    Then it hit me… I’ve given them as gifts to all the young family and friends we have!!! I’m an adult making a decision, but these are young girls and I would never forgive myself if they had reactions like yours. So I sat down and made a list of everyone who’s gotten one from us and started calling moms. I’m still calling people since you first posted. It’s exhausting. I just don’t want them to risk their health so we all agreed they’ll throw them away. I’m holding on to mine in the hopes they can tell us which flavor/ batch is bad.

    Have you heard anything about the Revo brand carried by walgreens? They make great holiday flavors and their Valentine editions are coming out.

    1. As far as batch numbers go, I just had the tingly lips and dryness and I tossed mine to be safe – but Alli & I had different flavors and different batch numbers.

    2. You are too kind to sit down and call everyone!

      I’m exceedingly happy my lips are doing better. It was really quite miserable there for awhile.

      I don’t know anything about Revo. I did find LE Maybelline Babylips that are in a similar shape to the EOS so I did pick one of those up 🙂

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