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OrlyFx It's A Meteor The Daily VarnishI spent the good part of yesterday polishing silver. It’s not my idea of a good time but I have some beautiful family heirloom silver pieces I like to use when I host Christmas Eve dinner.

Anyhow. Long story short I dumbly didn’t wear gloves and did a number on my nails. Not really having a choice last night I filed them super short. The good news is dark polish looks best on short nails. I fully intend to use this time as I let them grow out wearing all kinds of dark polish!

It’s A Meteor is from Orly’s Flash Glam Fx collection that was released several years ago. It’s a hodgepodge of silver, gold and iridescent glitter with a sprinkle of some colors in there as well. It’s suspended it in a clear base making for a perfect glitter top coat.

Unfortunately the formula isn’t that great. I had a hard time getting the glitter on the nail. In my swathes I used two coats of It’s A Meteor and the glitter is still rather sparse.

That being said, I used It’s A Meteor over Orly Enchanted Forest (an old favorite!) and it did make for a nice Christmas manicure.

You can pick up It’s A Meteor on Amazon.

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