Barry M – Dragon Fruit

BarryM - Dragon FruitSo, two years ago my work bestie went to Europe & the UK for vacation and the first thing I asked her when I found out about her trip was OHMYGOSH will you please bring me back a Barry M polish. Yes, nail polish brain in full effect. I absolutely have a thing for foreign nail polish (ahem Kiko & HEMA).

She brought back this gorgeous pink: Dragon fruit from the Gelly Hi Shine line. I tried it and loved it. Last week felt like spring so I decided to embrace it and rock some pink nails.

Dragon Fruit is a light girly girl pink. Good description right? This pretty pink takes two coats to get a nice finish. It has an ultra subtle silver shimmer that you can only see in direct sun. My only complaint is the wand to cap ratio – it’s not the most user friendly, but if that’s my only complaint… well, I’d say we’re in good shape.

Barry M is an affordable drugstore line in the UK. The Gelly Hi Shine polishes retail for £ 3.99. If you check Amazon, there are a few polishes in the $13 range, but I wouldn’t pay that much. Your best bet is to try eBay – the prices are more reasonable and most include free shipping. I have a polish crush on the Aquarium Effect polishes.

If you know of a US retailer with decent prices on Barry M products, let me know! Swatches below.

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Barry M - Dragon Fruit

Barry M - Dragon Fruit (sun)

Barry M - Dragon Fruit Bottle



  1. Barry M is such a great and reasonably priced brand in the UK. And often shops run a 3 for 2 offer. I love collecting polishes from abroad as well. I hope you get some of the Aquarium shades – they are great.

      1. I had to knock on quite a few doors (the UK forbid shipping polishes overseas), but I got Barry M Berry Ice Cream – it’s a lovely shade of lilac, really pretty!

  2. I wasn’t keen on the Aquarium polishes, a bit brush strokey and showed up ridges. Don’t Harlow and Co stock Barry M? I know they’re Canada, but mught be a bit easier to get them.

    1. Ick. Polishes that show ridges are difficult for me to love. Although if it can be overcome by starting out with a matte top coat, I’m all for it 🙂 I don’t actually mind brushstrokes that much in metallic/chrome/foil type polishes – I don’t know why… I’ve never ordered from Harlow & Co (or any mega-indie polish store) because I end up wanting everything and start adding polishes to my cart and then I give up in defeat.. It’s a struggle 🙂

  3. I love Barry M – when my husband and I took our long planned-for trip to London last spring, I came back with *cough* 28 bottles of nail polish. And even then I had to pick and choose carefully, because I could have tripled that without even thinking. I love the Barry Ms I bought – Persian from the Aquarium line is just gorgeous. I hope there will be a US distributor sometime soon – hey, we got Kiko, and I love them too! – because I would love to have more. I’ve been impressed with every one of them.

    1. 28!!! I love it hahaha. What’s your ultimate favorite Barry M? Persian is so pretty. They’re all just so pretty…

      There’s definitely hope, I love that we have Kiko and seeing essence at Ulta so often… I’d almost forgoten that they were also really hard to find 🙂

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