Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Box 2015

Zoya Mystery Box 2015Guess what just arrived!? The Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Box! I didn’t know that UPS delivered on Sundays, but I’m thrilled that they do.

The Mystery Box was my ONLY Cyber Monday purchase. I can be  very impulsive buyer, so I planned on hiding from internet land, then I made the ultimate mistake… I went to Nouveau Cheap. Seriously, any self control I had went right out the window. I lovelovelove Zoya, and while I passed on the 2014 Mystery Box, I knew it was a great value. So the rest is history. I actually bought this as a gift and I’m probably going to be good and still give it to its intended recipient. Probably. I’m terrible. It’s not like they’d even know…

Time to show off the goodies! If you haven’t gotten your box yet and you want to be surprised, please don’t keep reading. If you’re curious, I’ll be posting the complete contents of the box below!

katie signature 2015

SPOILER ALERT: I am going to post the contents of the Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Box below!


This is your last chance….in the mean time, enjoy a picture of my cat (in a tree).


Okay! I’m ready. Keep in mind that I paid $20 for this box (+ free shipping). The box came with a brochure for the Fall collection, I love nail polish brochures. I have issues. Anyway, it was useful for a size & shape comparison. I really liked the shape of the box, probably because I’m so used to the standard Birchbox / Julep sized boxes.

Zoya Mystery Box 2015 - Box

Let’s open her up, shall we?

Welcome to Your Mystery Box

Ohhh. Welcome to your Mystery Box. Such good manners, Zoya.

Underneath that was actually a content card that kind of gave it all away, which was fine, but I’ll show you that in pieces for extra suspense (and just in case somehow, someone accidentally made it down here).

The Redbook Trio! Full Size! (Retail Value: $27)

Mystery Box Trio



Redbook Trio Polishes:

Cindy, Sheer Glittering Gold

Marjorie, Plum Metallic

Renee, Cherry Red Creme


Note: I didn’t open the plastic covering the boxes because, ya know… it’s (still probably) a gift.

Ready for more?

Naked Manicure: Naked Base ($12), Glossy Seal ($12), Pink Perfecter ($10)

Zoya - Mystery Box NM and Lip

Wrapped with the Naked Manicure Goodies was the Intense Lip Repair by Qtica ($12). There was also a travel sized bottle of Remove ($4)

Here’s the full box!


Zoya Mystery Box - Full Contents

Zoya Mystery Box 2015

Total Retail Value: $77. I’m pretty happy. What do you think!?

By the way, there’s nothing exclusive in this box – so if you find yourself needing any (or all) of the goodies, hop on over to the Zoya website. I price checked everything on Amazon too. The Redbook Trio is in the $20-25 range. There are also some really great prices for the Naked Manicure Line (some of the Perfectors for under $4!). If you’re a prime addict like I am, you can get the prime eligible Mini Pro Kit for 26.99.








  1. I received my box on Saturday, and I was absolutely delighted. Not only a great value, but stuff I can and will use (and the one item I don’t think I will use I’m going to give to a friend who I KNOW will use it!). I agree that Nouveau Cheap is the best (worst :)?) for temptation, but this time I’m so happy I gave in.

  2. Odd, I am in Ohio same as Zoya, so usually my packages from them arrive quickly. I had forgotten about this shipping notice. It says it shipped 12/8 and arrived at local FedEx 12/9, and hasn’t moved since, and no date for delivery is set. 🙁

    Well it’s a nice box, whenever FedEx decided to bring it by. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I am supposed to get mine tomorrow I think. I’m super happy with what they’ve included! I almost didn’t order, since the last mystery box I ordered from Zoya was the new year’s trio last winter with those ugly NY Fashion Week minis, which I regretted. But these colors look great and I’ve been curious about Naked Manicure, but not motivated enough to place a separate order. Thanks!

    1. I agree! With some boxes I look at the retail value and I’m like ughh whatever, there’s retail value and then there’s… products I’d actually use value – this box is a complete winner!

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