essie Frilling Me Softly

essie Frilling Me Softly The Daily VarnishKatie thinks I’m psychic. Or I cheated. Let me explain…

In my Fall 2015 Must Have Polishes post I included bar glitter as a trend. At the time I had no idea essie would be coming out with a holiday luxeffects collection full of bar glitter. I did, however, see a fringe trend in fashion. The obvious translation of that to nail polish is bar glitter. So, perhaps I have good foresight….but I’m definitely not psychic!

Anyhow. The only polish from the 2015 holiday luxeffects collection I just had to have was Frilling Me Softly. It just looked SO GORGEOUS in the bottle.

Essie’s description of this polish is poetry.

Frilling it and killing it. dazzling platinum slivers and shattered cobalt knock ‘em down with a feathery touch.

Frilling Me Softly has silver bar and hex glitter along with hex light blue glitter suspended in a clear base. Now, I’m the first to admit bar glitter can go bad. Fast. Even essie got it a little wrong with Peak of Chic. But, Frilling Me Softly is just the right amount of bar glitter.

I used one coat of Frilling Me Softly over essie Virgin Snow and really loved the result. All the glitter laid down flat and the glitter was evenly distributed on the nail.

The 2015 Fringe Factor holiday luxeffects collection can be found at Ulta. Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


essie Frilling Me Softly essie Virgin Snow and essie Frilling Me Softly essie Frilling Me Softly label essie Frilling Me Softly MACRO

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