Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O The Daily VarnishThere’s just something great about black nails. They’re easy. They match every outfit. They take zero thought.

That’s exactly the kind of manicure I was looking for last week. As always, I was in charge of the turkey for Thanksgiving. I did an herb roasted turkey this year that turned out wonderfully. But to say the least I was busy. And didn’t have time to think about my nails.

Blacky-O (love that name) is a basic black creme with a fantastic formula. This goes on in 2 easy coats. And, when I topped it with the Miracle Gel top coat, this wore wonderfully. So well, in fact, I ended up adding a little glitter to the tips and wearing this all of Thanksgiving week.

You can find Black-O at the usual mass retailers or online at

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O swatch Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky-O label Sally Hansen Blacky-O

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