Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat (reformulated)It’s an odd thing when a brand reformulates a product you already really like. I was happy user of the original Miracle Gel Top Coat (check out my review here) when suddenly I get an email about the new and improved reformulated Miracle Gel Top Coat. The reformulated top coat was released the end of the summer and this week I finished my first bottle. I have to say…this is my favorite top coat I have tried. Essentially Sally Hansen fixed all my complaints about the original Miracle Gel Top coat.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat (wow, mouthful) is designed to mimic a gel manicure you would get at the salon. Because of this, there are some things to be aware of.

First of all, this is a thick top coat. I don’t find it gives my nails the volume that a gel manicure does but it does add a bit of volume that is noticeable if you’re used to a thinner top coat.

Secondly, this is not a quick dry top coat. The slower drying time allows the polish to be more flexible meaning less chipping.

So, with all that in mind, I absolutely adore this top coat. There is a full (somewhat wordy…) review under the jump that includes week old manicures!


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essie Sunset Sneaks Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top CoatThe boy and I went to the beach for a week and a half and I was way more interested the gorgeous sunrises and relaxing on the beach than I was in doing my nails. This is when I realized the magic of this top coat.

Before I left for vacation I topped 2 coats of essie Sunset Sneaks with a coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat. On day 7 of my manicure looked amazing. It looked like I did my manicure just the day before. I was amazed.

At that point my cuticles did need some attention so I redid my nails and used OPI Over & Over A-Gwen. Again on day 7 my manicure looked amazing.

Wear time is by far the most important factor I consider when it comes to a top coat. I’m able to forgive a lot of flaws if a top coat will give me a long wearing manicure. But, honestly, I don’t have any complaints about this top coat.

OPI Over & Over A-Gwen Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top CoatThe original Miracle Gel Top Coat did have a tendency to bubble. That has been eliminated.

The original formula would drag and pick up color causing the color to transfer. This also meant it didn’t work well over nail art. That has been eliminated. I’ve used the reformulated top coat over nail art with no issues.

The only annoying thing I ran into with this top coat was at the end of the bottle the polish did have a tendency to get stringy. A drop or two of thinner (I used the  Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner) fixes that problem.

As far as the drying time goes this is dry to the touch in 5 minutes or so. But if you hit your nails on something this polish will dent the first hour(ish) after you do your nails. For some people I’m sure this is a major problem but I’m perfectly willing to use a slow drying top coat if it gives me a long wearing manicure.

I am absolutely smitten with this top coat (as you can probably tell). The reformulated version has surpassed my previous favorite long wear top coat CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.

A note: the original Miracle Gel Top Coat is #100, the Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat is #101

You can find the Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat at Ulta as well as other mass retailers.


  1. Have you tried the SH “gel” topcoat that requires the use of an LED light? I got a clearance kit with a mini light and I absolutely love it! I’ve been able to use it over every kind of nail polish, *BUT* if you don’t let it dry overnight (at least that’s what I do) the edges shrink like Seche Vite. I never have chipping problems, just a bit of edge wear. My cuticles get ridiculous or I get sick of the color before it chips. And I’m a nurse so my polish NEVER lasts. This stuff does. I’ll have to give this one a try.

    1. I have used the gel topcoat from Sally Hansen that requires a light in the past. It’s a been awhile but I wasn’t really a huge fan. I think I still have a bottle I need to revisit it!

  2. I love this topcoat , also. Although it does not require a light , I have been curing under a UV or LED light.Both work and dry it instantly!! I use the UV for 2 minuted or an LED for 30 seconds. For me, it seems to extend wear a day or 2 longer-so while not necessary,I love to do this and I love to do it a few days into a manicure to refresh it (I even do this to refresh other manicures I did with a quick dry top coat a few days later!). This top coat is so versatile for me, and I have used both formulas to equally good results! I know this is alot of info but maybe it will help someone. Growing nails is sooo difficult for me, but this topcoat helps!! I use it over any polish!!

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