Trick or Treat: Spooky Eyes Nail Art

Spooky Eyes Nail ArtI spent way too much time thinking about what to call this manicure. Every time I looked at my nails all I could think was “what are you looking at?“. I was just going to go with that but Katie suggested Spooky Eyes Nail Art which is clearly better.

Anyhow. This is really easy to do and perfect for Halloween. Eyeballs in the shadows and all.

I started with a base of NYC New York Color Black Lace Creme. It’s a basic, opaque black creme. Using opaque polishes for this manicure is key.

Now generally I would have gone with a white polish for the whites of the eyes. But I wanted it to look slightly off white since the idea is eyeballs int he dark. I used Cover Girl Silver Lining. This polish was perfect because it was opaque AND it has a little bit of sheen.

Using a large dotting took I put two dots on each nail fairly close to each other. Then, using a smaller dotting tool and NYC New York Color Black Lace Creme, I added the black part of the eyes.

They key to this manicure is making sure the eyes are looking all different ways. I also made some cross-eyed.

This is a fun and easy manicure for Halloween. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

There are some additional swatches under the jump.


PS: For a review of the dotting tools I used for this manicure click here!

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  1. The funny thing is, this was my manicure for Halloween last year. That being said, I like the addition of Covergirl’s Silver Lining. It really does give it that little extra something. And doesn’t look so stark!

    1. I’ve wanted to do a manicure like this for ages! I’m glad I finally did it.

      I like the slightly off white eyes….it looks even more creepy.

  2. I’ve done this manicure in one way or another for the last couple of years around Halloween. It looks pretty cool if you use a black light reactive nail polish for the whites of the eyes. It gives them a creepy glow for parties. 😉

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