The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween Nails

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Halloween NailsI don’t know if you’ve heard but Halloween is coming. Soon. Like this week. On Saturday.

Usually I am all in on Halloween. I have done a post on about every nail art possible for this holiday. But, this fall has been unusually busy and I just haven’t had time to be into Halloween. Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year my costume is literally wearing some tiger ears while my Auburn Tigers play Ole Miss. Yep. Lazy.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel HalloweenTo help out all the other lazy girls out there I thought I’d do a post full of ridiculously easy manicures that look festive and like you care. Not that I don’t care but you get what I’m saying.

Ideas under the jump!

If you are up for trying some Halloween nail art that is a bit more complicated I’ll link a few of my favorites in the related posts section.

If I decide not to be SUPER lazy I may do tiger nails for Halloween. But I wouldn’t count on it…


Sally Hansen MeteorLight and NYC New York Color Times Square TangerineIdea #1: Put on an orange nail polish (I know you have one…and if you don’t, what are you doing with your life? You can grab an awesome orange polish for under a dollar. NYC Times Square Tangerine. DO IT.). Next, find a glitter top coat that involves black glitter. I used Sally Hansen MeteorLight. Another great (and inexpensive) option would be Pure Ice What’s the Splatter. Top your orange manicure with some glitter and BAM. Done. It even sparkles.

NYC New York Color Times Square Tangerine and Sally Hansen MeteorLight NYC New York Color Times Square Tangerine and Sally Hansen MeteorLight swatch

Sally Hansen Electra-cute art Halloween nail artIdea #2: This will be great if like me you want to wear orange nail polish all week but want to amp things up just a bit for the actual holiday. Start with your orange nails (I used Sally Hansen Electra-cute). Grab a black and metallic polish. White will also work but I just like the little bit of sparkle that the metallic option offers. My metallic polish of choice was essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low.

Simply use the metallic/white polish and add a stripe down the middle of the nail. Then, use the back polish (I used NYC New York Color Black Lace Creme) and add a stripe on each side of the middle stripe. And that’s it. I love this one because I think the design looks super chic. Bonus: this one looks like you really tried AND it covers tip wear. SCORE!

Art Deco Halloween Nail Art NYC New York Color Black Lace Creme Halloween Nail Art essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low Halloween Nail Art

NYC New York Color Black Lace CremeIdea #3: Perhaps it’s a little cliche but straight up just wear black nails. Now, I know many people rock black nails all the time. But I’m not one of those people. It’s also a great time to wear black polish if you’re not always entirely comfortable with the idea of black polish. Even the most black polish judgy person can’t look down on black nails for Halloween!

If you don’t already have a black polish in your collection (um, who are you!?) there are a ton of great, inexpensive options. NYC New York Color Black Lace Creme is less than a dollar and is perfect in 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Electra-Cute and Sally Hansen Blacky OIdea #4: Go a little old school and rock a party nail. Or an accent nail. Whatever you want to call it.

I went super simple and just used orange and black. The key here is to get the right orange. Halloween orange (if you will…) is a little yellow. I used Sally Hansen Electra-cute (if you have Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen from last year that would also be perfect!). For my accent nails I used Sally Hansen Blacky O.

I did each hand a little differently which is why there is a photo of my right hand which rarely makes a blog appearance.

Sally Hansen Blacky O and Sally Hansen Electra-Cute

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O and JulieG Secret Treasure swatchIdea #5: If you want to get really fancy top your black polish with some purple glitter. I’m not really sure why but purple and black look very Halloween yet are less expected than black and orange.

For my manicure I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O and JulieG Secret Treasure.

JulieG Secret Treasure and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O and JulieG Secret Treasure


  1. I really like the lazy girl guide. Right up my Alli (alley)! Sorry! I quite like the black with purple glitter. And as always it’s nice to see Misses Right, hand that is!

  2. I can only recommend China Glaze’s Cackle If You Want To – as you said, black and purple is pretty Halloweeny. I have layered it over nude as I didn’t want to wear anything too bright because a work-related event. Tomorrow it is going over orange on one of my nails. I might also try your no. 2 nails – they are brill!

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