Essie – With the Band

Essie - With The Band

By now, you know I can’t resist a good fall red. Every girl needs one in their collection, I just happen to need… all of them.

This season my Fall red of choice is With the Band from Essie’s Leggy Legend collection. As always, I’m entertained by essie’s description: backstage. in the club. in the studio. toasted spice burgundy heats things up wherever she goes.

With the Band is a beautiful red creme. It reminds me a lot of OPI’s First Date at Golden Gate. The formula is what makes this a stand out – I used two coats, but you can easily get away with just one. The polish applies smoothly and overall I give it the lazy nail bloggers double thumbs up seal of approval.

Fun fact, look how similar my cover image is to the one I did for Dress to Kilt, last year’s fall red from Essie. Weird!

As much drama as there was about Essie going retail a few years ago, I love that it’s so much more accessible now. It’s great. You can pick up Essie polishes for 8.50 each at stores ranging from drugstore to department. I usually buy my Essie at Ulta or Walgreen’s.

I hope you have a beautiful start to a beautiful week.

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Essie - With The Band

Essie With the Band

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to know a secret. All along I’ve thought that this polish meant with the band, as in the school band. I thought oh that’s so nice, because in high school…. well, anyway. THEN I was thinking of Leggy Legend… the theme didn’t match up. So I realized it meant With the Band… So now I’m imagining a My So Called Life situation, like when Jordan Catalano sings Red.  Seriously, best show.


  1. ”with the band” 😉 good name. and a beautiful polish! love your review <3 for about ten years i was the drummer in a band (i was the only chick in the band) and since i was the drummer, i was in the back.. hidden, kinda.. this caused a lot of confusion at many gigs. there were times i was almost pulled off the stage and i never got the free drinks that the guys got because no one thought i was IN the band! lol i even bought a T-shirt that said 'I'm With the Band'' and started wearing it to our gigs! long story short, i feel like i needed this one just for the name lol ;-D

  2. Could you make a comparison between this one and First Date at the Golden Gate? They really do seem to look identical on swatches. I would like to buy one of them, but I have no idea which one.

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