OPI – Give Me Space

OPI - Give Me SpaceFor the first time since 2009, OPI’s holiday collection isn’t tied to a movie or a celebrity. Not that there weren’t some amazing polishes along the way, but I prefer their more traditional holiday collections. I think 2009’s Holiday Wishes is my favorite. So here we are, six years later, with Starlight! This collection is a huge – 18 polishes, with some real standouts in the mix.

My first pick is Give Me Space. I almost never choose blues from new collections, but I had a feeling about this one and I was not disappointed. OPI describes Give Me Space as a night-sky blue with room to sparkle. It is that beautiful and so much more. It’s a night-sky blue jelly and the sparkle is scattered holographic microglitter. The effect is beautiful. Application was great. I used three coats to build up to the color in the bottle.

I’m going to put this in the must have column. I think if you pass on it you’ll have serious polish regret.

So on that note, OPI polishes retail for $9.50. Ulta is currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on OPI! Fabulous. I found Give Me Space on Amazon for $6.75 + free shipping! If you’re looking for a little more, you can try the Twinkle Twinkle Duo or the Mini Set.

Satisfy my curiosity: where do you buy your OPI & which polishes do you plan on getting from this collection?

Swatches below!

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OPI - Give Me Space

OPI - Give Me Space

OPI - Give Me Space

OPI - Give Me Space 3

OPI - Give Me Space


    1. I’m glad you mentioned Zoya! I knew there was a Zoya that reminded me of this – for some reason I was thinking of Zoya Indigo, but Indigo is darker and the holo sparkle is so sparse – it’s beautiful in its own way..

  1. Nice color! I usually get my opi @ amazon or on ebay. Sometimes ma & pa beauty supply stores. Nordstrom’s Rack & T.J. Maxx/Ross/Home Goods are great places to buy from as well. Don’t think I’ve ever paid full price or more for one unless it was a htf and even then I usually am able to get those for close to retail price. One exception was for Black…Spotted. Paid $21 for that one on ebay! Last opi I bought was At your Quebec & Call from amazon & that one was $9.25 and free shipping.

    1. Oh my gosh, Quebec & Call is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. It’s on my list of polishes I need. I’ve never thought of trying Homegoods for OPI but it makes sense. Marshall’s had this summer’s Coke Duo this weekend.

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