Julep Keiko

Julep Keiko The Daily VarnishThis is one of those polishes I really wanted to like. It has everything I’m looking for in a nail polish. It’s dark. It has a little shimmer. But everything about Keiko just isn’t quite right.

Julep describes Keiko as a charred olive shimmer. Keiko is essentially so charred the olive disappears.

The first coat I could see a little bit of that olive green coming through. I thought it might turn out to be a bit like Milani One Of A Kind. But, as I added a second coat the green disappeared completely. And the shimmer is too subtle to really be a factor. Even on a mostly sunny day it looked like I was just wearing a black creme polish where the black wasn’t quite dark enough.

Keiko has a really thick formula (that is, quite frankly, not the easiest to work with) which doesn’t help any of the issues I had with this polish.

Overall I’m just not a fan of this polish. Everything about it wasn’t quite right.

That being said, there are plenty of Julep polishes I do like! Julep polishes are available at Sephora, but the monthly subscription service is a more affordable way to get Julep polishes. To get your first month free use the code FREEBOX!

There are swatches under the jump. You can even see the shimmer in the MACRO shot!


Julep Keiko Julep Keiko swatch Julep Keiko MACRO Julep Keiko label


  1. I used to get my monthly Maven box but have decided I’m not as in love with their polish as I thought I was. The formula is usually too thick. Now I will say they have great colors and I do love their eyeliners but I have found that I like OPI and Orly products much better. They are readily available and the application is usually great.

    1. I’m with you – I’m a little bit over Julep polish. I’ve given most of mine away. The last few boxes we’ve gotten has only been because I forgot to skip. I’m not a fan of the current referral program – I liked it much more when you could earn points for boxes vs. the $15 voucher – I have two or three and haven’t used them. Maybe I’ll do that for a giveaway.. I like how unique the bottles are, but they are so easy to knock over. I’m an OPI girl all the way.

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