Zoya – Cinnamon

Zoya Cinnamon BottleA few nights ago, it finally felt like Fall. The leaves have started to change and the air was crisp. I decided to channel that feeling onto my nails.

I’ve just fallen head over heals for this polish. Cinnamon is a part the Flair side of Zoya’s Focus & Flair Collection for Fall 2015. I will forever love the sparkly sides of Zoya’s collections. Fun fact: Cinnamon was originally created for Zang Toi’s Fall/Winter 2015 show at NYFW.

But here’s the thing… Zoya describes this as a classic bronze liquid metal. I just.. no. It’s brown. Stop trying to make fetch bronze happen, Zoya. I could maybe buy into the liquid metal part, but mostly it has the lit-from-within beautiful glow that Zoya does so well. It’s like a rich simmering hot chocolate with a dash of pegacorn dust. Something like that should exist.

As always – really, always- this applied  perfectly. I used two coats. They were smooth and easy. I always get excited because putting on Zoya polish is so effortless. I really can’t stop thinking about Aggie & Ember. If you’ve tried them, let me know what you think!

Zoya retails for $9 and you can order directly from their website. You can grab it on Amazon in the $7.00-$9.00 range. Ulta also carries Zoya.


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Zoya - Cinnamon

Zoya Cinnamon

Zoya - Cinnamon

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