Barielle – Feathered Slippers (+ Sincerely Polish Naughty School Girl)

Barielle - Feathered Slippers (Mirror, Mirror)It has been cloudy and rainy for days and days (and days). I don’t even remember what the sun looks like. It’s probably never coming back.

I decided to get a start on Barielle’s Mirror, Mirror collection and grabbed Feathered Slippers. It matches the weather perfectly.

Do you know what Feathered Slippers are? I kind of imagined they’d be the result of putting a goose and an Ugg in a blender but apparently they’re a sort of sassy shoe meant to be worn in the privacy of your boudoir. Or wherever, I won’t judge. Actually, yes, I will – I think they’re tacky. The polish however…

Feathered Slippers is a perfect transitional grey polish. I love grey in the Fall and Winter – I don’t wear it nearly enough. The formula is pretty lovely, the polish applies smoothly and evenly and I used two coats.

After a few gloomy days, I couldn’t take it anymore and as much as I love grey – I needed to add a little glitter. I found an indie polish I’ve let sit for ages: Naughty School Girl by Sincerely Polish.

Naughty School girl is really quite special. It has silver microglitter and larger black and pink glitter set in a gray base. I love it.

You can pick up the entire Mirror, Mirror collection on the Barielle website for $25. While I was browsing the Barielle website over the weekend and I kind of crushing on all of their Color Collection Sets – 5 polishes for $25. Go look – they’d make PERFECT gifts. Sweet Treats has definitely caught my eye.

Barielle polishes are 5-free and not tested on animals.

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Barielle - Feathered Slippers

Barielle - Feathered Slippers + Naughty School Girl (Sincerely Polish)




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