essie Altitude Attitude

essie Altitude Attitude winter 2015I go through nail polish phases and lately I’ve been all about red nails (as if that wasn’t obvious from TDV Instagram feed!). There’s something so easy and chic about red nails. I guess that’s why red polish is a classic!

Altitude Attitude is from essie’s winter 2015/2016 Virgin Snow collection and is described as a scarlet creme that takes scarlet to new heights.

What I love so much about Altitude Attitude is it’s a red polish that doesn’t look like you tried hard. The color is a bit softer; just a tad bit more understated than your average red polish. It has an effortless vibe to it I don’t often find in the red polish family.

The formula is fantastic; I used just two easy coats in my swatches.

The essie Virgin Snow collection is currently available at Ulta. Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


essie Altitude Attitude essie Altitude Attitude swatch essie Altitude Attitude label


  1. also love red nails.. esp in the fall/winter months.. i think red is my go-to ”sexy in a bottle” color when you need that extra little bit of mojo. this shade looks gorgeous on you! i love it!! the best part is, this is 2015. no one needs an excuse to rock some red nails- just wear it when you’re in the mood! with gym sweats or weekend flannel and jeans.. it’s still that little pop of sexy confidence that every gal needs sometimes <3

  2. I always love red nails. I feel guilty when I use it because I have so many other polishes in so many different colors and finishes. But there is just something centering to me to apply a beautiful red polish to my nails!

  3. Red is an awesome mood-boosting color! The only thing I struggle with is removal…it leaves my fingers tinted pink for a while…not cute 🙁 Any tips for dealing with that?

      1. Yes, I have! It’s how I remove my polish now, too, ever since I read it. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been brave enough to try red again….fingers crossed! Thank you 🙂

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