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nails inc. Mayfair Mews The Daily VarnishOh goodness. I have mixed feelings about this polish.

Mayfair Mews has been hanging around my house for quite a while. It was part of the nails inc. Cracker Collection I picked up from HauteLook the end of last year. I kind of dragged my feet on trying it simply because I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. Bar glitter isn’t my favorite thing in a nail polish.

For my base I used essie Urban Jungle then I applied one coat of Mayfair Mews on top. The Mayfair Mews formula was a bit dry. The base is clear and the bar glitter is a matte black, a shiny royal purple and a silver holographic. I love the combination of colors but for some reason I just didn’t love this polish.

There is a macro shot under the jump and that close up I think Mayfair Mews is gorgeous. But, when I look at my nails at a normal distance I really don’t like the overall look (you can kind of see what I’m talking about in this picture). So I don’t know….I’m a bit torn. I think I may try using this more sparingly on the nail instead of over the entire nail.

The Cracker Collection is still available at Nordstrom and Mayfair Mews is available on its own from Sephora.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


nails inc. Mayfair Mews and essie Urban Jungle essie Urban Jungle and nails inc. Mayfair Mews essie Urban Jungle and nails inc. Mayfair Mews swatch nails inc. Mayfair Mews MACRO nails inc. Mayfair Mews bottle

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