essie Second Shine Around Polish Refresher

essie Second Shine AroundWay back at the beginning of the year essie came out with Second Shine Around. A polish refersher? I had to try it. So I ordered it (along with their No Chips Ahead top coat) and it more or less sat around collecting dust.

Being that I blog about my nails generally speaking I do my nails 4-5 times a week. Because of that, Second Shine Around was just something I never reached for because my manicures never needed to be refreshed, if you will. But, this past week was crazy busy. I did some exciting things (like go to a Rob Thomas concert and attend a Charlotte Mayoral debate). But my nails definitely suffered. I didn’t have time for a polish change and wore essie Color Binge all week.

The positive, of course, was that I finally got to really test Second Shine Around. essie touts this as a polish refresher that helps restore the appearance of polished nails to a salon perfect finish.

With one coat of this clear, thin polish a manicure that has lost it’s luster does indeed look super shiny and freshly painted. Second Shine Around dries quickly and I find it does help extend wear time.

Now, if someone asked me what the difference between this and a normal top coat was…I wouldn’t have an answer.

If you’re like me and you’re into the gel top coats or you are a Seche Vite or other thick top coat user Second Shine Around might be a good thing to have in your arsenal. It allows you to refresh a manicure without adding much volume. But otherwise, a thin top coat will do the exact same thing.

Second Shine Around can be found at the normal places (Target, Amazon).



  1. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Maybe you are too young to know that song “Second Time Around”. Did Essie mean to do that with this name?

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