Nail Art: essie Art Deco Manicure

essie Art Deco ManicureFOOTBALL. SEASON. IS. HERE.

As always, I am super excited that football season has arrived. My alma mater, Auburn, plays Louisville this afternoon. But last weekend was the annual Charlotte SEC Alumni Kick Off. This is one of my favorite events of the year. It’s a big tailgate in a parking lot of a local pub. Every school has a tent (or three) and it’s a great way to meet people from other SEC schools that live in Charlotte. Plus, I (somewhat accidentally) won 2 boxes of Golden Flake potato chips.

For the event I, of course, had to have a properly themed manicure. I loved my Pride manicure so much I decided to do a similar manicure using Auburn colors.

For the base I used essie Private Weekend. Then I added an orange stripe with essie Color Binge; then the blue on both sides of the orange with essie Bell-Bottom Blues. The resulting manicure had a bit of a Gatsby/1920’s/Art Deco feel that I really loved. Plus, it was bold and graphic which made it stand out.

I’m bias and quite love the combination of orange and blue. However, obviously this manicure can be done with endless color combinations just make sure to keep the lighter color in the middle to get that art deco look.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump. And War Eagle!


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  1. To be honest… I’m not from the US and I realy don’t care much about football. Sure, the idea of this manicure is nice, but for me, not understanding the whole football craze, the colour scheme doesn’t look pretty… Sorry, I love most of your posts, but the football mani’s I don’t care for, and are in my opinion a bit too frequent…

    1. While I completely understand football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it is something I enjoy and in the US is a big part of our social life this time of year. This is my first football related post since probably January but I understand we all get bombard with football related everything this time of year!

      I’m sorry this manicure wasn’t for you. There are plenty of other posts to browse 🙂

  2. WAR EAGLE! So excited about football season. Sadly, we thought this would be our last season as Auburn parents but my son has decided to take fewer hours each semester to keep his grades up and to add a minor. That means one more after this. ..Yay! Love love love this mani. Did you freehand?


    1. I remember being in school and SO MANY people looked for ways to add one more fall semester before they graduated.

      Unfortunately, that wasn’t a reality for me. 4 seasons was all I got!

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