SinfulColors Blue Sensation

SinfulColors Blue Sensation The Daily VarnishMore demi matte goodness from SinfulColors!

My experience with the demi matte polishes SinfulColors put out as part of their Back To School release has been a mixed bag (loved the finish but didn’t like the color of Whiteboard; had issues with the Hazed formula…). But after using Blue Sensation I totally get the hype. And why Katie was so high on the demi matte finish in her reviews of Chalk it Up and A-Crush.

Blue Sensation is a lustrous silvery sky blue with a demi matte finish. I love the finish on this polish because it’s almost metallic but the matte finish gives the polish a soft look. It’s quite unique.

The formula was lovely; I only needed two quick coats.

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SinfulColors Blue Sensation SinfulColors Blue Sensation swatch SinfulColors Blue Sensation MACRO SinfulColors Blue Sensation label


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