essie In The Lobby (+ a comparison to essie Wicked)

essie In The Lobby The Daily VarnishPolishes like In The Lobby are why I fell in love with nail polish in the first place. And we all know essie does dark polish oh so well.

Described as an exotic cinnamon plum, In The Lobby is a gorgeous burgundy crelly (gah I hate that word but it is a creme jelly hybrid…) that is oh so perfect for fall.

The formula is a bit tricky. If you aren’t particularly skilled in the nail polish department this polish may frustrate you. The formula is quite opaque and a smidge runny which is where problems can happen. A color like In The Lobby will stain cuticles so there isn’t much room for mistakes.

In The Lobby is part of the fall 2015 Leggy Legend collection and is currently available at Ulta.

Now, for potential dupes. Once In The Lobby was on my nails I immediately thought of Wicked and Berry Hard. On the nail in normal lighting the difference between the three was very hard to see. Under bright lights/in the light box/in the sun it’s obvious Berry Hard is more brown than In The Lobby and that Wicked is essentially a darker version of Berry Hard.

I know almost everyone has Wicked in their collection (and if you don’t, you should! It’s available on Amazon) and even though I absolutely adore In The Lobby the difference on the nail is so slight I’d consider spending my money on a different polish from this collection (like Color Binge which is gorgeous!) or perhaps pick up the Leggy Legend mini set.

Under the jump there are swatches of In The Lobby as well as a comparison between In The Lobby, Wicked and Berry Hard.


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