Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Buffalo Nickel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Buffalo NickelThis is kind of weird, but this is the first Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish I’ve tried. See? Weird.

Anyway, I am absolutely obsessed with Buffalo Nickel. The color shifts ever so slightly from silver to something that I can only really describe as nickel. It’s amazing. I took pictures in both morning and afternoon sun so you could see the slight shift. Sally Hansen describes it as a cool, classic silver white. Since I’m warm toned, silvers are usually Alli‘s department, but this is more flattering on me than most silver polishes.

This was a sentimental choice for me. My dad used to collect Buffalo Nickels before he passed away, so when I was making my choices from the Tribal Vibe collection I knew this was a must have.

I know Alli has had some hits and misses with the miracle gel line, but this is definitely a hit for me. I think I put off trying it for so long because the idea of using a top coat other than Seche Vite & HK Girl was really off putting. I was SO pleasantly surprised by the Miracle Gel Top Coat. I had visions of bed nails in my head, but it dried quickly enough that I wasn’t put off. After four days, I finally took pictures and it looks as good as the day I put it on – absolutely no chipping or tip wear. I know the Miracle Gel line boasts of 14 day wear, but four days is about as long as I go…

Next I’ll be trying Terra-Coppa, also from the Tribal Vibe Collection. I definitely see myself using this line in the future and tossing the Miracle Gel Top Coat into rotation.

Thumbs up, Sally Hansen.

You can find Buffalo Nickle on or at your local mass retailer.

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Sally Hansen Buffalo Nickel

Sally Hansen - Buffalo Nickel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Buffalo Nickel

Sally Hansen - Buffalo Nickel

SH Miracle Gel - Buffalo Nickel



  1. It’s funny how pewter polishes like this are actually hard to find, and I do love that cross between silver and white, but what’s with the top coat thing?… will this polish only “work” with the Sally H. topcoat?

    1. No! Tomorrow I’m actually posting another polish from this line – I left one nail without the top coat – or any top coat and it did just fine! The next one I get -or when I wear one of these again I’m going to try it with Seche Vite. Alli has been playing with these since they came out, she may have tried another top coat out.

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