OPI – Edin-burgundy

OPI Edin-BurgundyHey! It’s me! Again! Two days in a row… I apologize. BUT not only is it Friday… it’s time for another black label post! Get excited.

While it can’t compete with my last black label post, La Bohème, Edin-burgundy has a special place in my heart. It was one of my very first OPIs. It was likely purchased alongside Royal Flush Blush and I’m Not Really a Waitress, probably for $7.50 and most definitely at Trade Secret.

I always crush on Fall/Winter OPI reds, but this is a long standing favorite. It was originally released in 2003 as a part of the British Collection. I only have one other polish from this collection – Blushingham Palace – but all the polish names are marvelous.  The description for Edin-Burgundy is hilarious: Great Scot! What a fabulous shade of claret red! Yep.  I used three coats to get the rich burgundy color that I love so much.

Mind blown. I knew this beauty had been discontinued – but is it worth the $40 price tag on Amazon? No. Lucky for you, it’s available on eBay in a much more reasonable price range – between $7-$8.

I know everyone is always…. wahhh OPI, too many reds – but I also know you have a favorite. What’s yours?

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OPI - Edin-Burgundy

OPI - Edinburgundy


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