Review: Revlon Gold Series Titanium Coated Dual Ended Nail Clip

Revlon - Dual Ended Clipper (folded)I’ve been a fan of Revlon’s nail tools for pretty much ever. My favorite nail files & clippers have always been made by Revlon.

A month or two ago I had inevitably lost another nail clipper and I saw this beautiful piece of art at Walgreen’s. Dual ended? Lovely! I’d been loving my Gold Series nail file so I thought I’d give this a try. Since I’m in the habit of losing nail clippers, I was hoping the slightly larger size might make it a little more difficult to misplace. Well, I lost it. That’s okay – I bought another one & the original resurfaced last week. Yayas!

I know you’re probably judging me for being a clipper instead of a filer – I know, I know. It’s especially troublesome for someone who can get a little overzealous with the clippers – however, it’s what (mostly) works for me. I file too, but if I need to level things out quickly – I grab the clippers.

I love these. At first I didn’t even notice, but one side is flat and the other is curved. I love the flat side if I want super squared tips. The flat end is also great for my big toenail. Yay. This is a tool I just love having in my arsenal and if I lose both… I’ll buy it again. I’d be lying if I didn’t love the mixed metallic look too – I have a thing for mixed metals.

This retails for around $5-$6. The lowest at the time of this post is 4.47 at You can snag it at your local drugstores (Walgreen’s, CVS), Ulta, Target, or The lowest price I’ve seen at the time of this post is 4.47 at The list goes on and on…

SO. Are you a clipper or a filer? What’s your favorite tool? Let me know below! Below you’ll find way more pictures than should ever exist of a nail clipper, enjoy.

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Revlon - Dual Ended (Gold Series Clipper)

Revlon - Dual Ended Nail Clippers Gold Series

Revlon Dual Ended Clipper

Oh! Here is the nail file I mentioned:

Revlon Gold Series Nail File




  1. I’ve been looking for a new nail clipper and this one sure is pretty! I’m a clipper all the way! I only file when I absolutely have to because the noise is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  2. I’m a clipper too! (Sorry not sorry.) At first the dual end seemed a little clunky, but looking at these photos, I really like it! I’m going to have to look for this.

  3. I have the Sephora glass nail file. Most of the time I’m too impatient to file in one direction so I do both. If I’m really impatient I use the tweezerman toenail scissors on my nails. I like the curved design and feel like I have more control. I never had luck controlling clippers.

    1. I am with you 100% on one way filing. I’m like ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

      I’ll have to take a peek at the tweezerman… my only problem with clippers is self control…. clip clip clip – ohhh now I have boy hands. yay.

  4. I am always in the market for clippers. I’ve been blessed with a forgetful mind. 🙂 For the most part if I keep up with my nails I file. However there are days (weeks) that I let them grow. Either because I’m a tad lazy, or if there is a special occasion and I want a longer look. When this happens, I clip. I really can’t handle the filing when there’s so much to get done. These clippers look to be the ones I’ll pick up next. Thanks Katie! P.S. That nail file looks cool too!

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