Perfect Pair: SinfulColors Whiteboard & OPI DS Titanium

Perfect Pair SinfulColors Whiteboard & OPI DS TitaniumOn its own I wasn’t exactly in love with SinfulColors Whiteboard. But I have to say I love it in this manicure.

I used OPI DS Titanium to add glitter at an angle to the tips of my nails. This wasn’t a precise process; I didn’t use a nail art brush, just the brush in the bottle. It took two coats but the resulting manicure was lovely.

The contrast between the matte white and the glitter really made the manicure pop despite it just being a black and white manicure. But hey, you can never go wrong with black and white, right?

If you don’t have Titanium in your collection is still available on Amazon. That being said, I think this manicure would also be lovely with SinfulColors Starry Night.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


SinfulColors Whiteboard and OPI DS Titanium OPI DS Titanium and SinfulColors Whiteboard OPI DS Titanium and SinfulColors Whiteboard swatch


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