Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Mintage

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Mintage The Daily VarnishShockingly, my second pick from the new Boho Chic Miracle Gel collection might be my favorite. I was completely in love with Beatnik last week. But now I can’t stop wearing Mintage!

Sally Hansen describes Mintage as a medium toned mint. It’s a creme formula with a gorgeous super shiny finish.

What I love about this polish is it doesn’t lean yellow at all. Not only does that make Mintage super flattering but it also brightens up the color. This is such a great late summer color as it’s still bright and eye catching (and would look marvelous with a tan) but it’s not a neon.

I had a bit of a rough start with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line (see my review of Hydro Electric & Tea Party) but I have to say I’m completely a believer now. Dare I even say I like the reformulated Miracle Gel top coat better than the original (which I loved)…. We’ll have to wait and see on that. I always really test top coats before I review them.

You can find Mintage on or at your local mass retailer.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Mintage Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Mintage swatch Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Mintage label


  1. I can’t get on the bandwagon with these faux gel polishes. I am absolutely annoyed over how much shelf space they are taking from the regular polishes. The inventory of the regular polish has been cut so much. It’s gotten to where I hardly go to stores for polish anymore, I just order online. I can see where people who have trouble keeping polish on their nails for whatever reason would like to try these. I guess I am lucky – polish sticks to my nails and, besides, I change my mani every two to three days. I have no use for those gel polishes. Okay, rant over! 😀

    1. For me it’s not the wear time as much as it’s the look. Since gel polishes are thicker I find they look nicer on the nail.

      That being said I hate how thick real gel polish is so…..

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