Funky Fingers – Scattered Sea Shells

Funky Fingers - Scattered Sea ShellsI keep wanting to call this shattered sea shells. I mean, if the Sea Glass had to be broken, why wouldn’t the sea shells be shattered? WHY?

Since I’m complaining about silly things… have I mentioned how much I hate the Funky Fingers bottle? Well, I do. Maybe not hate, but it can be so awkward. I’ve already sent it tumbling across the room twice.

All that aside, this polish is amazing! Scattered Sea Shells is filled with white matte glitter that is complimented with pastel satin glitter. Perfect sea shell effect. Better yet, glitter disperses evening which makes me happy. I layered this over Essie’s Sand Tropez and SinfulColors’ A-Crush. I used one coat over Sand Tropez and two over A-Crush so you could see how it builds. Normally when I do this I have a strong preference for one layer vs. two (or three or four), but I quite like both looks.

I picked up an extra bottle of Scattered Sea Shells for Alli, so keep your fingers crossed that you’ll see it again in one of her fabulous Perfect Pair posts!

Funky Fingers polishes are available at Five Below stores for $2 each or 3 for $5. To see if there is a Five Below near you, try their store locator – here’s a full list of the new store locations.


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Funky Fingers - Scattered Sea Shells (Sand Tropez)

Funky Fingers - Scattered Sea Shells (A Crush)

Funky Fingers - Scattered Sea Shells


  1. My favorite is over the Essie – they really complement each other well. I have seen the FF polish before on the FB group I hang around in, but was meh about it. But over the Essie, it looks so pretty!

  2. I’ve had this glitter sitting around for awhile now but have never paired it up with anything. My Funky Fingers have “near bottom Helmer drawer” syndrome. Love it with A-Crush. Will have to note it down as a great combination!

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