Barielle Gondola Ride

Barielle Gondola Ride The Daily VarnishI’m not even gonna lie. I thought I was going to hate this polish SO MUCH. In the bottle it looks like a yellowy green gross mess. So it just hung around my Melmer since last fall when Gondola Ride was released with the fall 2014 Jetsetter collection.

Barielle describes Gondola Ride as a creamy sage. And I must admit Gondola Ride is absolutely gorgeous on the nail. The color is understated but interesting; conservative but not boring. Can you tell I’m a bit smitten?

You can find Gondola Ride on Barielle’s website.

Make sure to check out the swatches under the jump!


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Barielle Gondola Ride Barielle Gondola Ride swatch Barielle Gondola Ride label


  1. Don’t you love it when a polish you think you would never like in a million years hits you over the head and makes you go Wow after you put it on? This polish looks so good on you! I have a couple of polishes very similar to it and am waiting for Fall to bring them out again. (I haven’t even gotten through my Spring polishes, much less the Summer ones I have bought this year – sheesh!) I love how the tone of this polish looks!

    1. This polish definitely had me dreaming of fall!

      It’s so hard not to judge a polish by what it looks like in the bottle! But I do love a good surprise 🙂

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