OPI + Coke Two To Celebrate! Visions of Georgia Green & Centennial Celebration

OPI Two To Celebrate The Daily VarnishYou know what’s worth celebrating? 100 years of the iconic Georgia green Coke bottle. And a caffeine break.

Last summer OPI released their Icons of Happiness collaboration with Coke (aka the ultimate collaboration). Coca-Cola Red from that collection quickly became my favorite red polish. So I was very excited to learn along with repromoting last year’s release OPI was adding two new polishes to the line; Visions of Georgia Green and Centennial Celebration.

I picked up the Two to Celebrate duo that includes both of the new polishes. I have to say, Visions of Georgia Green is absolutely amazing. So amazing I cannot stop wearing it.

Under the jump are my full reviews of each polish.

The Two to Celebrate duo can be found on Amazon. Each polish can also be purchased separately at Ulta.

If you missed the Icons of Happiness collection from last summer there is a mini set that includes that entire collection as well a Visions of Georgia Green and Centennial celebration.


OPI Visions of Georgia GreenVisions of Georgia Green: This polish was inspired by the green Coca-Cola bottle and I have to say that OPI nailed it. OPI describes this as pearly and lightly sparkling. I’m not so sure about that lightly sparkling part. You get this polish in the sun and it won’t stop sparkling! And, if you look real closely in the MACRO shot, you can see there is some glitter going on in this polish.

The formula is a bit on the thin side which is to be expected with this kind of finish. I used three coats in all my swatches.

OPI Visions of Georgia Green swatch OPI Visions of Georgia Green MACRO OPI Visions of Georgia Green sun

OPI Centennial CelebrationCentennial Celebration: At first glance I thought this was going to be a run of the mill silver polish. Man, was I wrong! Actually, Centennial Celebration, is a super shimmery pewter (that looks GORGEOUS in the sun).

The formula is excellent. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

Centennial Celebration is very similar to a slew of polishes in my collection including China Glaze Gossip & Gimlets, essie Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low, wet n wild Going Platinum, etc. While I really do like this polish it isn’t exactly unique.

OPI Centennial Celebration swatch OPI Centennial Celebration MACRO

Overall, I am a fan of this duo but if you’re only going to get one definitely go with Visions of Georgia Green.

OPI Two To Celebrate OPI Two To Celebrate duo


  1. Those are both pretty. As soon as this nail art challenge is over I am going to get those on my nails. I love that gorgeous green and the finish is right up my alley. I love metallics with glittery sparkle.

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