Essie – Sand Tropez

Essie - Sand TropezDear Sand Tropez,

Hey. I think I owe you an apology. We had a thing four years ago…and I said some pretty nasty things. You didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry.



So, this polish. We have a history. Sand Tropez was originally released as part of the Essie 2011 Spring Collection that also included Coat Azure, Topless & Barefoot, Nice is Nice, French Affair, and Kisses & Bisses.

My review from 2011 was pretty brutal. I actually vowed to never open the bottle again. Who does that? I’m so dramatic sometimes. You can read the old post here, but only if you promise to try and ignore my scary cuticles. Seriously. ST has been sitting in my melmer since then, neglected and ignored. But… I needed a base for a new glitter and it kept coming to mind. So…

I actually really like this polish. Maybe it’s because it’s much more flattering in late summer than late winter or because my tastes have changed a bit, but it’s a handy dandy little polish. Sand Tropez a sandy beige that leans a little grey in the shade. It’s simple, classic, and chic. I used three coats. I love how nude/neutral polishes make your hands look so elegant. I’ve been walking around like a fool the past few days just sort of gazing at my hands.

This polish is still available! It retails for 8.50. I think I originally found mine at Walgreens, but it’s available at Ulta and all the usual essie retailers. It’s also prime eligible on amazon which is always nice.

What amazing weekend plans do you have?

Stay weird,

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essie - sand tropez (shade)

essie - sand tropez

essie - sand tropez

Essie - Sand Tropez

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  1. I think Sand Tropez is a little trooper! I like it as a base for glitters and toppers, as well as by itself. I myself used to intensely dislike opaque nude polish colors but my tastes have turned totally around and now enjoy them very much. Lol, I don’t know if I have actually changed or if seeing all the pretty nude manis brainwashed me! Doesn’t matter though – as long as I enjoy it, I will try to get it! Glad you gave this polish another chance!

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