Funky Fingers – Broken Sea Glass

Funky Fingers - Broken Sea Glass BottleDo you ever fall down an internet black hole? Here’s a typical Katie spiral: I start on Jezebel, xoJane, or Elephant Journal and half an hour later I’m not even sure where I am or how I got there. Lucky for me, my most recent trip to oblivion ended up on swatches of two Funky Fingers beauties: Broken Sea Glass & Shattered Sea Shells. I love all things ocean related so the next day I found myself at Five Below…

I was actually most excited about Shattered Sea Shells – I love white glitter as much as Alli likes black glitter, but I decided to try out Broken Sea Glass first. I knew I wanted to layer it over a dark polish, so I chose OPI Road House Blues –  my go-to (one coat) inky blue polish.

Broken Sea glass has light purple, green, white, and blue hex glitter in three different sizes. I was most drawn to the largest glitter, which is of course the hardest to get on the brush because it tends to settle at the bottom. I did some brush twirling to try and pick up some of the bigger pieces. It worked… sort of. Then I let the bottle sit upside down for a bit. I used two coats before caving and digging around for the purple and green glitter because I think they’re what makes this polish so interesting. In the future, I probably won’t bother. If you don’t mind glitter hunting or grabbing a toothpick, you’ll love this polish. I do think it’d be really cute in an arranged glitter mani like this.

You can’t pick up Road House Blues at Ulta, but it is available on for 6.75 and it is also available on Amazon. Funky Fingers polishes are available at Five Below stores for $2 each or 3 for $5. To see if there is a Five Below near you, try their store locator – here’s a full list of the new store locations.

Let me know what you think!

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Funky Fingers - Broken Sea Glass

FF - Broken Sea Glass

Funky Fingers - Broken Sea Glass



  1. I love this!! I only wish I lived near a Five Below. Every time you two feature a Funky Fingers manicure I hope I don’t like it. 🙂 Unfortunately for me they usually a favorite. UGH! The struggles of a nail polish admirer.

  2. I adore this combination! Sea glass is so pretty, I have earrings from sea glass and they are the prettiest aqua sea foam green (insert more adjectives here) color. 🙂

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