Nail Art: Pineapple Manicure

Pineapple Nail Art The Daily VarnishEvery Wednesday I go to a local farmer’s market. There’s nothing fancy about the market but it’s one of my favorite weekly chores.

Being that it’s July my farmer’s market trips almost always include a pineapple. And therefore it’s only logical that I rock some pineapples on my nails.

This manicure was really easy to do. I started by using essie First Timer on the nails I was going to add pineapples to.

For the pineapple nails I started off with SinfulColors Snow Me White. Then, using SinfulColors Unicorn and a large dotting tool I created an oval, yellow shape for the base of the pineapple. Then using a nail art brush and First Timer I added the leaves. After I let that dry I used CoverGirl Perfect Penny to give the pineapple some texture and the manicure just a little sparkle.

I let the pineapples dry for about half an hour before topping the pineapple nails with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

This was such a fun, summer manicure. The cashier at the farmer’s market even commented on my nails!

There are more swatches under the jump.


essie Pineapple Nail Art SinfulColors Pineapple Nail Art CoverGirl Pineapple Nail Art Pineapple Nail Art Bottles


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